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Cuemath Edge Nominee 11 Usha Srinivasan

25th April '203 views2 mins read

Hi, I am Usha Srinivasan, I come from the city of dreams, Mumbai. I have been living here for the past 15 years with my husband and two beautiful children. I have been a Cuemath teacher for almost 2 years now and I have 45 active students right now. After completing my degree of in Mathematics and Masters in Computer application, I worked in an IT firm for about 25 years. During my time there, one thing I realised is how important it is to have creative thinking in order to do something different and stand out from the crowd. So I believe, that was the moment when I decided to quit my IT job and started looking for creative thinking and problem-solving jobs- specifically to help children develop these skills in their foundation years. I always used to think how to inculcate mathematical thinking in children and help them see the beauty that Math is. And Voila! I found Cuemath.  


One thing which truly compelled me to apply for the Program was their Learning System, which was exactly what I was looking for. I applied right away and got the call from one of the team members of Cuemath, who explained all about the program and I started my centre of math excellence. And believe me, till now my growth has been seamless.


Some of the proudest moments for me are whenever I see my class full of students, enjoying, learning and helping each other. One time I vividly remember, when we were playing Kaun Banega Cuemath Crorepati(KBCC) and most of my students chose to opt for “Peer help” helpline rather than opting for “Teacher help” option. Seeing such a bond among my students makes me a proud Cuemath Teacher. Cuemath has helped me grow and evolve as a teacher in a number of ways. And I truly owe my success to them.
I believe my patience, dedication, my contagious passion for math, my belief in my students are some of the main reasons why I feel you should vote for me as the best teacher.

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