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Being an every day great educator has several aspects to it. Here are some achievements of our EDGE nominees which set them apart.

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  1. Module Completion rate is the average number of modules completed per child per month. A module completion rate of 1.4 or more ensures that the child will be able to complete the curriculum of that grade. This does not mean that every child has to work at the same pace, but that every child should grow to reach this pace.

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2. We are together on a mission to make students great at math and the more the number of students at a center, the more one can fulfill the mission.

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3. As a teacherpreneur, one of your goals should be consistent growth.

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4. Cuemath Buddy Teachers hand-hold new Cuemath Teacher Partners in their journey with Cuemath. They go over and above their regular responsibilities, to be available to teachers for guidance any time of the day. They are the backbones of our teacher community.

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6. Cuemath Experience Session (CES) serves as a great opportunity for teachers to showcase the Cuemath learning system to prospective parents. A high conversion rate is not only an indicator of the teacher’s effectiveness but also her ability to communicate the Cuemath philosophy seamlessly and convincingly.

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7. Curriculum Compliance Score (CCS) is a measure of how systematically are the Cuemath classes being conducted and the number of learning activities being completed by the students. A high CCS indicates an effective classroom.

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