How Does A Cuemath Teacher Get Students?


As a Cuemath teacher, you will get students in two different ways:

1. Through digital advertising campaigns run by the Cuemath marketing team, and
2. By making your own center well known locally.

Through these channels, a new teacher typically starts with 2-3 students in the first couple of months and typically goes up to 6-10 students in 6 months and 10 to 18 students over a year.

Conducting the Cuemath Experience Session for parents

In both methods, a key part is a demo session (called the Cuemath Experience Session). The teacher conducts a 1:1 live Online  CES for the parent and student.. The demo session not only helps the parents understand the Cuemath Method but also showcases the teacher’s ability to empathize with children.

As part of the CES:

1. Students along with parents are invited to a Live 1:1 Online demo session conducted on our Online Teaching - LEAP platform. 

2. They experience the Cuemath Method – interactive visualizations and animations of concepts, instant doubt solving on whiteboard , puzzle cards, and most importantly get comfortable with the teacher all at the same time.

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