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Launching Cuemath EDGE Awards – 2019

Launching Cuemath EDGE Awards – 2019

January 2, 2019

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We are thrilled to announce the first ever national awards for Cuemath Teacher Partners – Cuemath EDGE (Every Day Great Educator) Awards which will be held on Sunday, 3rd February in Bangalore.

Through our joint efforts, the Cuemath community now consists of 3500+ teachers and 30,000+ students. In acknowledgement of these milestones, we are presenting the first ever EDGE awards to honor the continued efforts of our Teacher Partners towards developing mathematical thinking in children all over the country.

The search for the Educator of the Year is on!

Cuemath EDGE awards is an opportunity for us to identify and recognize the efforts of 11 teacher partners with the best performance on retention and learning outcomes in their regions. For every 300 Cuemath centres, one teacher partner will be nominated to attend the award ceremony at Bangalore, on a fully paid trip with one family member. The teacher community will then vote to select two teachers who will receive grand prizes (surprise surprise!) as Educators of the Year.

Other award categories are –

  • Best Learning Outcomes
  • Highest Retention
  • Highest Growth
  • Highest CES Conversion
  • Highest Adoption of After Class Activities
  • Best Buddy

The Selection Process

The awards have been designed to acknowledge several factors that make for a great Cuemath Teacher Partner. Here is the process for identifying awardees:

  1. Teachers who fulfil minimum qualification criteria on learning outcomes will be shortlisted from every region
  2. One best performing teacher will be selected for every 300 teachers in a region, i.e. 2 teachers each from Delhi NCR, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai; and 1 teacher each from Hyderabad, Pune and from emerging cities across the country
  3. We will create videos for these 11 nominees where they would share their journey and pitch why they are the best educator of the year !
  4. And then each of you from the teacher community will vote to choose the educator of the year ! Two winners will be selected basis the number of votes for the grand prizes.
  5. Winners in other categories will be selected based on the comparative performance of these 11 nominees on particular parameters. For eg. the nominee with the highest adoption of math gym and IMO packs amongst her students will be selected for Highest Adoption of After Class Activities.

Please note:

  • Only teachers who had 6 active students as on 1st January 2018 and 31st December 2018 are eligible to be considered for the awards.
  • Teachers with at least one active student as of 31st December 2018 will be eligible to vote.

Unveiling the Final Winners!

The nominees once finalised will be flown to Bangalore, on an all expenses paid trip, and felicitated at the grand event. In recognition of their contribution to Cuemath and the level of community support received the CTPs will be awarded Mega prizes by Manan Khurma, the founder and CEO of Cuemath. Reflecting the scale of their contribution and the event, we guarantee that these prizes are quite grand!

Teacher partners in the top 50th percentile of performance can attend the award function at their own cost. Registration for participation will begin from 10th January onwards and confirmations will be made on a first come first serve basis.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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