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Announcement: We are now closely associated with Koffee Place, JobsForHer & Qween.

Koffee Place is a job portal for women who are still finding their passion, looking for a career change or even deciding to return to the workplace after a break. A lot of women have found their dream jobs and have joined the corporate world through Koffee Place.


Koffee Place recently held a career fair in Mumbai for homemakers who wished to return to the workforce but at the same time manage things at home efficiently. They invited around 50 homemakers and also invited speakers from different companies.

Laveen Gidwani represented Cuemath at this event and instilled hope in many of those present. He told me that they were thrilled at the opportunity of working from home for a few hours every day to teach young children math.

The enthusiasm of the women present was highly commendable as they indulged in an active discussion with Laveen regarding their prospects and their growth in this kind of a career line.

On the whole, participants of the event were excited about the opportunity that was in front of them to empower themselves.



JobsForHer is an online portal that focuses on a similar cause and stays true to their vision of bringing women back to work one resume-match at a time! JobsForHer connects women who have been on a break in their careers for marriage/motherhood/elderly-care/relocation etc., with companies that want to hire them! They have 1000+ companies on their portal and are waiting to welcome women back to work in a range of positions – from full-time to part-time to work-from-home to freelance & projects to returnee internships. 


Qween is also an online platform dedicated to empowering women with opportunities to work from home. Qween is for all women who are young or old, housewives or professionals or entrepreneurs, single or married or moms! Qween also offers a range of unique and amazing events for women to participate and cherish for life.

So, are you looking for an opportunity to work from home for a few hours a day and earn a corporate income?

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