Is Cuemath a genuine opportunity for teachers?

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As of March 2019, we have over 35,000 students as part of the program. We are supported by two of the top venture capital firms in the world- Sequoia and Google Capital. We have stringent selection guidelines. Read on to find if Cuemath will be a good opportunity for you.

Why are we called Cuemath?

A key tenet in our philosophy of teaching students is to never tell, but only Cue.

We are called Cuemath – because of the emphasis we place on Cue-ing. Cue-ing is the process of asking questions to guide the student to self discovery. This is very different from the broadcast learning method in which a teacher delivers lectures.  

Cue-ing works better because the student is more engaged and leans remembers better because they use reasoning to arrive at an answer not just tactics or apply formulae.  When the student self discovers the answers they understand better and remember for longer.

We are not Qmath or Qmaths

Never tell, only cue, that is why our name is Cuemath. However Cuemath is not Qmaths or Qmath. These are similar websites that have spawned off the success of Cuemath. Cuemath has nothing to do with either Qmaths or Qmath. Having cleared up this little confusion, due to perhaps opportunistically named similar websites, let’s move on to more

Cuemath is supported by Google and Sequoia

Cuemath is very much a real opportunity for those who want to “work from home”. Cuemath is a startup which is over 5 years old, has over 4000 teachers and as of March 2019 we had over 35000 students. It is funded by Sequoia and Google, two of the best, well recognized names in the startup ecosystem.

Is Cuemath the right opportunity for everyone?

However, Cuemath may not be the right opportunity for everyone. There are a few factors that can cause prospective teachers to believe that Cuemath is not a suitable opportunity for them, such as:

  • The selection process to become a Cuemath teacher partner is stringent  
  • In addition there is an investment of Rs 7000 to procure the learning materials for starting a Cuemath centre. Not everyone is happy to invest this amount.
  • When you operate your own center, you are not an employee, you are an entrepreneur.
  • And this can include responsibilities of canvassing for your center’s growth. Some teachers fear they have not done this before and are unsure if they can succeed

(Have no fear, it is not any different from talking about your goals, and mostly you have to talk to parents like yourself, so you can speak from your own experience)

  • Managing younger students feels difficult

(but most parents are very comfortable with this as they have learnt how to manage their own children)

If any of the above feels like a big no, then this opportunity is not for you. However Cuemath will first train and certify you before you begin your center. Also you can meet existing teachers and learn from them how they operate their centers.

You will get all the training and guidance you need to succeed

In the training process you meet and learn from Cuemath training team, but also from existing teachers, who are called “buddies”. A Buddy is an existing teacher who is helping new teacher train and learn how to go about starting a center.

The who, what,where, and how of Cuemath
1.What is Cuemath and how does it work?

Cuemath is different because of the Cuemath Method. Cuemath is a beyond school math learning program that teaches math through reasoning and critical thinking. It is designed to work in a class like setting with the presence of a live teacher and not just pre-recorded videos.  

2. What classes do you cover?

There are 2 versions of the program available to different age groups.

KG to 7th : The foundation program for KG to 7th grade, delivered via home-based learning centres run by trained and certified teacher partners, focuses on building a strong math foundation in children.

8th to 10th : The Cuemath Advanced Math Program for 8th to 10th grades delivered via live, interactive, online sessions offers fast paced math learning, building on the foundation. You can enroll as a teacher for either programs or both.

3.What is the process for becoming a Cuemath teacher?

Cuemath recruits, trains and certifies qualified candidates who want to run a math learning centre at home. They are referred to as Cuemath Teacher Partners (CTPs). The CTPs, with the help of Cuemath community plan various activities and generate enrolment for their own centres and operate them. The fees earned from the centre is shared between the CTP and Cuemath in a predefined ratio. Cuemath teachers can earn upto 40 K a month.

Please read other articles from our page to understand more about the nature of CTP’s responsibilities and revenue sharing information.

Apply Now to become a Cuemath teacher

4.Where is my nearest Cuemath Center?

Cuemath centers are open in more than 70 cities across India. Click here to find Cuemath centers in your locality.  

5.Who started Cuemath?

Cuemath was founded by Manan Khurma, an IIT alumnus with a mission to create a generation of thinkers and problem solvers. It was founded in 2013.

Manan Khurma talking about the Cuemath Vision

The Cuemath curriculum is designed and developed by a group of IIT alumni and math enthusiasts and the team is headed by Nikhil Pawar, an alumnus of Cambridge university.

Nikhil Pawar talking about the Cuemath curriculum

Who are the Investors in Cuemath?
  1. Cuemath was founded as a technology-based education start up in 2013 with the seed fund investment by Unitus seed fund. Unitus was an investment organization funded by two Microsoft alumni Will Poole and Dave Richards.
  2. In 2015, Sequoia Capital, a renowned venture capital firm invested in Cuemath after thoroughly reviewing the business model and growth since its inception in 2013. Sequoia is a venture capital fund that has been operating since 1972 and funded companies like Apple, Google, Oracle, YouTube, Instagram and Whatsapp when those companies were in their earlier stages.
  3. CapitalG (formerly known as Google Capital), the investment arm of Google invested in Cuemath in the year 2016 for further enhancing the business systems and processes. CapitalG has also invested in organizations such as Airbnb, Snap Inc. (Snapchat) and Lyft (the cab company)
How can I meet people from Cuemath?

Teachers : Cuemath now has over 4000 learning centres across the country with over 35000 active students participating in our foundation program.

Offices : We have offices in 6 major cities of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore) with more than 500 teachers in each of these cities. Click on the link for the address and location on a map.

Centers : Cuemath centres are operated in more than 70 cities across India, from home-based learning centres run by trained and certified teacher partners. Click here to find Cuemath centers in your locality.  

Know more about who we are and what we do:
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Cuemath has been featured in various news articles for the unique work it has been doing for teaching community, support to women returning to the workforce, student community and innovative math learning concepts.

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Cuemath is reviewed and rated across online media including social media and app sites such as play store and app store. You may look for the reviews and articles across social media. Please exercise your judgement while going through the reviews.

In Summary:
  1. Cuemath works as home-based learning program delivered by certified teacher partners who work from home
  2. Cuemath is an edu-tech start-up operating since 2013, invested by major venture capitalists such as Unitus, Sequoia and CapitalG.
  3. Cuemath curriculum and learning methods are developed by alumni from renowned universities who work towards teaching math via reasoning and critical thinking.
  4. There are online articles and reviews available to assess the ingenuity and genuineness of Cuemath

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