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Setting you up

There is an initial set up cost required to start a Cuemath centre. This set up cost takes care of the  learning material and other personalized items that are required to establish and manage a Cuemath centre. The foundation program for KG-8th grade students delivered by Cuemath uses multiple learning formats. The teachers would need two types of learning material to run the Cuemath centre.

  1. One set of learning material stays at the centre, with the teacher.
  2. The other set of learning material consists of student consumables such as workbooks, student diaries, stickers and other stationary.

The learning material that stays at the learning centre is what the prospective teachers have to invest in. It’s a one-time expenditure of INR 6,000. Cuemath covers the cost of student consumables via it’s share of revenue. The teachers don’t have to pay for them.

3 things you need to set up your own center

The upfront investment paid by the teacher covers the cost of learning material and a few personalized items required to grow the centre, which include:

  1. A math box consisting of 15 math manipulatives (physical objects)
  2. A box of 500 puzzle cards for creative reasoning
  3. A starter kit with a few posters, name plate, visiting cards etc.

Taxes, packing and handling charges are included in the cost. In addition, the teachers will have to purchase an android tablet with the recommended specifications for the gamified aptitude exercises which run only on the tablet.

We work with vendors to supply these materials to help the teachers minimize their spend on the set up cost. At the moment the total cost to be borne by prospective teachers to start their centre is INR 6000 for math box.

When should you pay the setup cost?

We invite our teacher applicants to start their Cuemath partnership once we verify their credentials and basic eligibility. If qualified and interested, the prospective teachers can register themselves for the online training by paying an amount of INR 6,000 as the registration fee. An android tablet has to be purchased at the end of the training to be ready to start the classes. The math box and puzzle cards will be shipped to the teachers once the training is complete. 

What are the payment methods to pay for the set up cost and android tablet?

All transactions will be made via our website through secure payment channels. There is no option to pay via cheque or cash to ease the payment and accounting processes. Our teachers are free to buy the android tablet of their choice with the recommended specifications or use the one that they already have if it meets the requirements. So, the cost of buying a new tablet entirely depends on your choice. Unfortunately, our student application is not supported on iOS, so, using an iPad will not be possible.

Is the setup cost refundable?

We invite our applicants to become Cuemath Teachers only after they qualify through the preliminary screening and the registration fee is charged to confirm their association with Cuemath.

  • Full refund (100%) if the teacher completes the requisite training as mandated (Online/Offline) within 21 days from the date of fee paid and we reject the teacher because of our filtering (quality) criteria (s). No training charge
  • Refund Rs. 5,000 if the teacher has completed  the online and in person training post 21 days from the date of and we reject the teacher because of our filtering criteria (s). We will be charging a training charge of Rs 1,000
  • Refund Rs. 5,000 if the the teacher applicant withdraws on her own with / without completing  training.We will be charging a training charge of Rs 1,000
Cuemath Centres are operated as a partnership between the teachers and Cuemath

Cuemath centres are a partnership where the teachers and Cuemath share equal responsibilities of setting it up and managing it. So, the one-time fixed cost of starting a centre is borne by the teacher while Cuemath takes up the responsibility of developing and maintaining components such as technology, curriculum and ongoing costs of managing the business such as learning material and business growth. Even the revenue from the learning centre is shared between teacher and Cuemath (the teachers are paid 60% of the total revenue while Cuemath earns 40%)

The setup cost paid by the teacher covers the purchase and shipping (including taxes) of the material:

  1. A math box with 15 physical objects known as math manipulatives that aid in deeper understanding of math concepts.
  2. A set of 500 puzzle cards, help students  develop creative thinking skills.
  3. A start-up kit for the teacher to establish herself as a Cuemath teacher and spread awareness about her learning centre in her locality.

This will ensure that the teacher is adequately equipped to handle the growth at her learning centre post which she will be able to deliver the learning outcomes in various aspects of math learning, the Cuemath way.

The Cuemath method of learning

The Cuemath method puts a student in charge of their own learning. Its active learning method requires the students to understand the math concepts using multiple learning formats which enhance the understanding and retention. The learning system enables this method by using multi-format tools including the ones we listed above. Our method enabled by our learning system is at the core of math learning the Cuemath way. So, it is essential for every centre to have these learning materials to deliver the program for great learning outcomes.

1. The tab exercises are the right format to improve aptitude

Aptitude is a very difficult skill to teach. We can only create a conducive environment and the right set of learning tools to enhance the skill through practice. It requires timed exercises with immediate feedback after each question to improve speed and accuracy over time. Such requirements can be met only through a carefully calibrated digital system which allows tracking of performance and improvement.

2. None of the cost paid by the teacher is retained by Cuemath

All of the setup cost paid by the teachers is spent on procuring and dispatching the material to the teachers and payment of mandatory taxes to do so. No part of the money is retained by Cuemath. This means it will not be possible to start a Cuemath centre without paying the setup cost and we are not at the luxury of waving this for any of the prospective applicants.

So, in summary, there is an initial setup cost of INR 6,000 to start a Cuemath centre, which will be spend on the cost of material required to grow and run the Cuemath class. The teacher partners needs to pay the amount as soon as they register for the training. These are essential for Cuemath method of teaching and ensuring learning outcomes for all the students at your centre.

Once trained and certified, the teacher cannot claim for a refund.

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