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Introduction to Geometry

Geometry is the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogues. We live in a three-dimensional world, a reality that is best understood through Geometry. Geometry is not just about theorems and proofs. It is also about understanding the relationship between shapes, recognising patterns, making connections and logical decisions. Spatial ability is closely related to the understanding of geometry. 

How do Cuemath students learn Geometry?

Shapes are introduced early on, at age 5 or 6, starting with basic two-dimensional shapes like squares, triangles and circles, eventually moving on to 3D shapes like cube, cuboid, cone. At Cuemath the concept of lines, shapes and patterns is introduced as early as KG. Students in KG learn about different types of lines like straight, slanting & curved lines. After being exposed to different types of lines they learn about 2D shapes and their names. They also learn to identify, match and count shapes. By Grade 2 the children are exposed to the relationship between the 3D and the 2D shapes. Moving further different sub-topics like names and properties of angles, area and perimeter of shapes, calculating the volume and surface area of different 3D shapes are also introduced.

Topics under geometry can best be understood by using some math learning aids like models of solid shapes, paper nets, geoboards etc. These learning aids will help strengthen the understanding of these topics. 

Sub Topics

Given below are the links that cover the sub-topics under Geometry. Click on the links to know more about the topics. To practice, download free worksheets. 

  1. Straight Lines and Plane Shapes 
  2. Lines, Segments, Rays
  3. Angles
  4. Construction of Lines and Angles
  5. Circle and its Properties
  6. Triangles and their Congruence
  7. Construction of Triangles 
  8. Circles and Polygons
  9. Construction of Quadrilaterals 
  10. Solid Shapes and Symmetry
  11. 3D Shapes 

Topics closely related to Geometry 

The topics that are covered in Mensuration, topics like area and perimeter, surface area and volume are closely related to geometry. To find area and perimeter or surface area and volume obe needs to have a thorough knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes. One also needs to be well versed with the features of the shape. 

Download Free Grade 2 Worksheets
Lines and plane shapes
Grade2 | Worksheet 1
Lines and plane shapes
Grade2 | Worksheet 2
Download Free Grade 3 Worksheets
Polygons and Circles
Grade3 | Worksheet 1
Polygons and Circles
Grade3 | Worksheet 2