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Make your child a Math Expert

Make your child a

Math Expert

Our goal at Cuemath is to transform your child into a math expert through our carefully crafted, multi-format program. Depending on when your child enters the Cuemath program, they will get assigned their grade and course track fit for their level. This will not only help them gain mastery over their school math topics but also bring them up to date.

Math Curriculum by Grades

Math Curriculum by Grades

Math is a linear subject where concepts get built on with time and get applied in various areas in more complex ways. This is the reason why math concepts need to be grounded into different grades. Click on the links to the grade pages below to have a look at the curriculum for each grade.

Math Topics

Math Topics

Math concepts are the building blocks of mathematical thinking. Cuemath has curated a list of math topics that are essential for all students across grades. These maths topics are explained in detail and resources such as maths worksheets, math tips and tricks and maths formulae are available for the student to access on the website as well as download. Click on the topics below to learn about the topics in detail.

Math Education in India

Math Education in India

In India, math is considered passport to success and not scoring well in it is never an option. However, math is not a preferred subject for a majority of the students. The current education system is to blame by not linking concepts to day-today problems. At Cuemath, students focus on concepts and real-world application which goes a long way in not only scoring well in exams but becoming better thinkers for tomorrow.
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