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Cuemath Home Tutors enable students to have access to a personalized and self paced learning environment.

Personalized learning plan
Live 1:1 tutoring
Develop strong fundamentals


How will a Cuemath home tutor help your child?

A school has an average teacher to student ratio of 25:1. This means there is just one teacher for every 25 students and this number is just an average and there are probably schools out there with a higher ratio. And in such a setting it is almost impossible to cater to every students’ individual needs.

Our mission here is to help combat this issue and provide a more personalized experience where our home tutor and student have this one on one learning experience.

94% of Cuemath students fell in love with math

4 out of 5 Cuemath students scored better in school exams

3 out of 4 Cuemath students bagged the top ranks in the International Math Olympia

How are we different?
Cuemath home tutors helps children to develop essential math skills
A dynamic environment where active student driven learning takes the front seat.
Student centric personalized learning plan to track individual progress.
Focus on building strong fundamentals with an application based approach
We encourage students to make mistakes. It is the best way to facilitate learning.
Children build their own mental model and algorithms which inturn boosts confidence.

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Home Tutor Near You, for personalized math learning of your child

Cuemath home tutors are trained professionals who encourage your child to find creative solutions to different math problems by enhancing your child's logical reasoning skills and abilities. While regular home tuition and home tutors focus primarily on the school syllabus (or syllabi) and preparing students for exams, our Cuemath home tutors work on the long-term development of a child's mathematical ability through a holistic approach.

Our Cuemath home tutors do not set any arbitrary timetables. Each topic is self-paced and covered in-depth to ensure clear learning outcomes for your child. We focus on linking us their week points before we take things further. As we said repeatedly, a strong foundation is what we prioritize.

At Cuemath, we have banished the traditional blackboard teaching approach. Instead, our math tutors encourage children to learn math by reasoning and practice. They use puzzles, tab-based activities, and stories with math clues to ensure your child learns to approach math as the language of everyday thinking.

Cuemath Home Tutors vs. Regular Home Tutors:

Cuemath Home Tutors teach kids in a 6:1 ratio which ensures each of our students gets the personalized attention they deserve from our certified math experts. In general home tuition, a teacher has to essentially broadcast which often results in children mugging up the formulae rather than understanding the concept behind it. We like to focus on the Why and not just the What! Also unlike other home tutors, our math tutors don’t give away the answers, because we believe students truly learn when they reason things out for themselves. The same concept is approached in different ways as in the real world, there could be multiple correct answers. We let our students decide which approach suits them the best and don’t blindly follow the one fits all approach. Unlike regular home tuitions that frown upon the mistakes made by your child, Cuemath home tutors encourage mistakes and help your child learn through them. Your child, therefore, learns to build their own mental models and algorithms which leads to an increase in their confidence levels and facilitates faster learning.

How to find the best home tutor:

To find the best math tutors nearby, you don’t need to look any further. We are here to connect you to the best home tutors located near you and that too at a reasonable tuition fee. With the simple click of a button, you can schedule a free session with some of the best home tutors in your locality or even an online session. Our math experts are located all over the country with the right mix of impressive credentials, educational backgrounds, and the desire to change the way children learn math.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do home tutors really help?
The main approach to home tutoring is to solidify and set a strong foundation in students that school’s fail to establish due to the large class size. Schools usually follow the one size fits all approach and that for the most part doesn’t really work out. A home tutor with a customized curriculum aims to better your child by strengthening them in areas they might lack in. All this is possible with a tutoring program followed by our home tutors.
How to find a math home tutor that suits your child?
Some kids require special attention and need to focus on certain areas that might have been overlooked in the past. An assessment test with Cuemath will help point out these areas, if any, and also assign to you a teacher that fits the necessary requirements to make sure your child isn’t left behind. Our highly trained and qualified home tutors are the ones that will help bridge the gap between what they missed out at school and what they need to do to set a core foundation in mathematics.
How many hours a week should we spend with a home tutor?
Time spent with a tutor mainly depends on the student’s individual needs. We don’t compromise in the quality of help and make sure that within a set time frame we achieve the pre-set goals. We don’t rush our students as we know every child is unique and will eventually get there. Not looking at it as a race or a speed round, but we do suggest a minimum of _ hours a week. Might that is completely subjective and can and will be altered as per your needs and requests.