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Your search for ‘Home Tutors near me’ ends here with Cuemath. Cuemath is an educational platform providing online home tutoring services in the USA.

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Since Home Tutoring has moved online, learning Math has never been easier for students in the USA. Cuemath’s online classes ensure that students are given personalized attention & all their needs are catered to.


Cuemath’s curriculum is designed to ensure your kid learns the best:
Live Problem Practice Session with Online Tutor
Unique Pedagogy designed by Alum of IIT & Cambridge
Practical Approach To Improving Speed

How Did Home Tutoring Work Out...

Home Tutoring is an effective way

We know how kids feel when they suffer from Math anxiety. And so many kids seek help from tutors to help them learn better. But with the recent dawn of diseases and the security issues, many parents are moving to home tutoring services. But isn’t it still difficult to let a stranger into the house, even if it is just for a while? With online Math tutoring services like Cuemath, this problem can be eliminated completely. Online Home Tutors are an effective way to ensure that your kids learn Math online, while simultaneously staying safe & comfortable in your homes.

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Cuemath’s online Math tutors are skilled to help your kid change their outlook towards Math. We assure you that you will not be looking out for any more ‘Home Tutors Near Me’ once you take a free online trial session with us. Offline home tutoring services are a thing of the past, and honestly, doesn’t it work out for better if you can be around your kids while they are learning.

Online Math tutoring is safe and convenient

You may fear that online Math tutoring may not be for your child, but with Cuemath’s expert online tutors, you will see how your child gets undivided attention. Cuemath’s online Math Tutors provide a personalized learning experience to make your child strong & independent in solving Math problems. With self-paced learning methodology, we ensure that each child follows their own path in the discovery of this interesting subject, and fall in love with it.

Find the best online Math home tutors with Cuemath

Unlike other online Math learning programs, Cuemath ensures a regular and thorough assessment of your child’s Math skills. Live online Math tutoring sessions can help children resolve their doubts immediately, and give them the confidence to learn & solve independently. Just simple things like live online classes have helped so many children in the USA get over their fear of Math.

Studying online just became easier with Cuemath...so what are you waiting for, enroll your child in the best online Home Tutoring in the USA and give them the joy of learning Math!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the curriculum that is followed and how will parents know if its matching with what child will be studying in school.
Our home tutors offers the standard US Common Core (USCC) curriculum. The curriculum is in alignment with the curriculum of the child and the flexibility that we offer on the curriculum helps us cater to the difference of curriculum followed in all states and provinces.
Cuemath home tutor teaching methodology ?
We use Cueing techniques to teach our students. Cue-ing is the process of asking questions to guide the student to self discovery. When the student self discovers the answers they understand better and remember for longer. This is very different from the broadcast learning method in which a teacher delivers lectures.
Are Cuemath home tutors from the USA or India ?
Our home tutors are from India trained and certified by CueMath to be able to teach the students from various different curriculums.
Our home tutors offer different Packages and deliverables that you people have ?
3months, 6 months and 10 months
The syllabus in India is totally different from US/Canada, How do your teachers manage the same, Also even the syllabus is different in different states in USA
We are aware that the syllabus and the methods are different in North America. To cater the same our teachers undergo a training and certification process which helps us in maintaining the high quality of Class delivery.
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