International Math Olympiad (IMO)

What is IMO?
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1. What is IMO?

  • The International Math Olympiad or IMO is a popular exam that is held in India under the purview of the Science Olympiad Foundation or SOF.
  • The exam aims to recognize and determine as well as encourage the mathematical abilities and innovative talents in students, both in India and throughout the world.
  • In India, from class 1 to 12, students are eligible for the IMO exam. All schools with affiliations with SOF organization, hold IMO exams annually, throughout the year according to schedules and schemes.

2. How will Cuemath help your child crack this IMO Exam?

  • Cuemath emphasizes on students learning math by reasoning and not memorization. Cuemath students use visual tools to gain deep understanding of concepts. Students learn on their own in the presence of a math expert who is always there to help guaranteeing instant individual attention to help students clarify doubts.
  • Cuemath classroom program not only includes conceptual learning but helps kids understand the “why” behind these concepts. This way, children will understand the beauty of math and when math is beautiful, it is fun to learn! You can book a trial class for free to experience the Cuemath way of learning.
  • You can make your child Olympiad ready with Cuemath Olympiad Prep Pack which contains Math Olympiad topic-wise worksheets, Mock Tests and regular doubt clearing sessions.
  • With the Cuemath way of learning, children not only excel in School Math they also show a 2x increase in Logical Reasoning skills which can truly become a game-changer in your child’s journey of Math Olympiad preparation. What more to say that Cuemath is the only Google- funded education company in India, focused on enabling students to excel in math and develop mathematical thinking. No wonder why 3 out of 4 students bagged top ranks in Math Olympiad '18!
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3. IMO Exam Scheme

  • SOF arranges 6 different Olympiads annually. The Math Olympiad (International Mathematics Olympiad or IMO) is conducted on two levels. The scheme is patterned according to each class and its scope and syllabus.
  • Students from class 1 to class 12 are eligible to participate. Exam papers for each class are different.
  • You can find class-wise detailed information about the latest IMO Exam pattern here
  • Students mark their answers in the OMR ( Optical Mark Recognition) sheet.
  • IMO Results are eventually announced for each student, with the inclusion of the student’s international rank, zonal rank and school rank.
  • Students have to undergo Math Olympiad exam registration. They have to apply from their own schools first. To know more about IMO Registration and Application click here.

4. IMO Syllabus and Preparation

  • The annual IMO examination latest syllabus for each class has been published online. The detailed syllabi of all the classes can be found here.
  • To thoroughly practice questions aligned as per the latest IMO 2019 paper pattern, you can check out Cuemath IMO Sample Papers and IMO Mock Tests. After attempting these Mock Tests, students will get a report showing a detailed analysis of their performance including a section-wise breakdown of their marks. This in-depth analysis will not only help students enhance their strong areas but will help them identify and amend their weaker areas.

5. IMO Results and Awards

  • IMO Level 1 Results are generally declared 8 weeks from the exam date. Students seeking results should go to the official website of SOF where they will get detailed and up to date information.
  • There are 3 criteria that decide the qualification of any student for the IMO Level 2 exam. One of them being the student should be in the top 5% of all students who appear for the 1st level exam. You should know that due priority to marks scored in different sections is given. You can check the other two criteria right here.
  • IMO Awards are offered in the form of scholarships and recognitions. For the year 2019- 2020, SOF will be spending a whopping 18 Crore Rupees on awards and felicitations.
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