This chapter begins its journey with a basic introduction to trigonometry, trigonometric ratios, basic properties of trigonometric ratios and trigonometric ratios of some specific angles with a variety of examples and explanations. Further the chapter also gives a brief insight about the basics of trigonometric identities - sum and difference of identities, elimination, T-ratios of complementary angles. The chapter finally ends its journey with the concepts of heights and distances with some out-of-the-box examples designed specifically to furnish you with special skills. Two exercise series are presented to sharpen your understandings of trigonometry.

In addition to preparing for the JEE mains and advanced exams, Cuemath Founder Manan Khurma's study material is helpful for students who are appearing for CBSE, ICSE and other State board exams.

Trigonometry - Class 9

Introduction to Trigonometry

General Trigonometry Ideas and Techniques


Trigonometry - Class 10

More Geometrical Applications of Trigonometry

Radian Measure

Arbitrary Angle Measures and T-Ratios

Trigonometric Ratios as Functions

Inverse Trig - Basics

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Trigonometry - Questions Set 1 - Grade 9
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Trigonometry - Questions Set 1 - Grade 10
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Trigonometry - Answers Set 1 - Grade 10
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