1st Grade Math Curriculum & Math Tuitions

Children in Grade K are already aware of numbers from 1 to 20. They are also comfortable with counting and writing numbers from 1 to 20. Building on this knowledge children in Grade 1 will learn about 3 digit numbers up to 120. They will also learn some new concepts like adding and subtracting numbers. Reading integral hours and transacting with money. These concepts build a foundation for understanding higher grade concepts. The focus in these grades should be on understanding numbers, place values, place names and number names. Incorporate a lot of learning aids like colour counters, shapes, building blocks to make learning fun.

Number System

  • Numbers up to 99
  • Comparing and Ordering up to 99
  • Consolidation up to 120
  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Visualisation of Addition and Subtraction
  • Addition and Subtraction of 2-Digit Numbers
  • Introduction to Multiplication

  • An Introduction to Multiplication
  • Time

  • Time
  • Shapes and Patterns

  • Lines and Shapes
  • Plane and Solid Shapes
  • Patterns
  • Measurement

  • An Introduction to Measurement
  • Data Handling

  • Playing with Data
  • Revision

  • All Topics
  • 1st Grade Math Curriculum

    Your tiny tot is in Grade 1! Now that your kid has mastered numbers and counting, its time to tutor them on the concepts in the first grade. Grade 1 Math improves children’s understanding of arithmetic, number values, linear measurements, and shape compositions. With appealing visualizations, Cuemath makes learning these concepts fun & enjoyable!

    Personalized Online Live Math Tuitions for Grade 1

    Grade 1 students start off their learning with single-digit addition and proceed to concepts like simple subtraction. The online tutors with Cuemath pay personalized attention to every kid, ensuring that kids are thorough with the concepts. Your child will be tutored by the best math experts in a live, online classroom. Each tuition lesson will slowly improve your kid’s Math proficiency.

    Online Math Tutor For Your Little Champ in Grade 1

    From basic addition and subtraction activities to our visually appealing puzzles, there is no end to the number of ways your kid in Grade 1 can improve their Math skills. Engaging activities rather than boring worksheets enthrall the kids in a new learning experience, and Cuemath Tutors ensure that a strong emphasis is laid on conceptual understanding rather than repetitive drills. Each online tuition for your kid in Grade 1 will cover a new concept, and you will soon start to see significant improvement in their performance.

    >> Visualize Math with Interactive 1st Grade Math Worksheets

    Grade 1 kids can learn Math Online

    Cuemath has over a dozen unique activities and alluring characters- for kids in grade 1 who are tutoring online with us. During these activities, the tutors observe Grade 1 students picking up on identifying patterns, telling time, sorting, measuring time & distances, and so many more things. Cuemath tutors observe the performance of your kid and create a personalized learning plan instead of robotic completion of courses.

    What are you waiting for? Help your Grade 1 kid fall in love with Math instead of dreading the subject. Tutor him online with Cuemath.