2nd Grade Math Curriculum & Math Tuitions

Children in Grade 2 expand their knowledge of numbers, place values and place names. Children start to operate on 3-digit numbers. They also learn to read time and write time. Applied math concepts like measuring weight, capacity and length are also introduced in this grade. It is in this grade that children learn to interpret and organise data. Children in this grade should be encouraged to learn the concepts using objects, pictures and visual models.

Number Systems

  • An Introduction to 3-Digit Numbers
  • Working with 3-Digit Numbers
  • Odd Number
  • Even Number
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Addition and Subtraction of 3-Digit Numbers
  • Mental Arithmetic
  • Multiplication and Division

  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Properties and Ideas
  • Time

  • Time
  • Shapes and Patterns

  • Lines and Shapes
  • Plane and Solid Shapes
  • Patterns
  • Pictographs

  • Pictographs
  • Measurement

  • Measurement of Length
  • Measurement of Weight
  • Measurement of Capacity
  • Money

  • Money
  • Revision of topics

  • All Topics
  • 2nd Grade Math Curriculum

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    Live Online Math Tutors for your kid in Grade 2

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    Are Online Math Tuitions needed for my child in Grade 2?

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    >> Visualize Math with Interactive 2nd Grade Math Worksheets

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