7th Grade Math Curriculum & Math Tuitions

Children in Grade 7 learn about different topics like integers, rational numbers. A lot many applied math concepts like tax, discounts, simple and compound interest get introduced in this grade. Measures of central tendency and probability as part of statistics is also introduced. The focus in this grade should be on introducing concepts with the help of examples and real-life scenarios. As some of the concepts are new they should be given enough practice on these.


  • Addition and Subtraction of Integers
  • Multiplication and Division of Integers
  • Rational Numbers

  • Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers
  • Multiplication and Division of Rational Numbers
  • Decimal Expansion of Rational Numbers
  • Algebraic Expressions

  • Parts of an Algebraic Expression
  • Operations with Algebraic Expressions
  • Equations

  • Framing Simple Equations and Identifying Their Solutions
  • Solving Simple Equations
  • Inequalities

  • Identifying The Solutions to Inequalities
  • Solving Simple Inequalities
  • Ratio and Proportional Relationships

  • Unit Rates
  • Identifying Proportional Relationships in Different Contexts
  • Interpreting Graphs of Proportional Relationships
  • Percentages

  • Basics of Percentage
  • Conversion of Percentages to Fractions and Decimals, and Vice Versa
  • Percentage Change
  • Application of Percentages
  • Scale Drawings

  • Scale Drawings of Geometric Figures
  • Constructions

  • Construction of Triangles with Given Sides and Angles
  • Slicing Solids

  • Interpretation of the Slicing of a Solid by a Plane
  • Angles

  • Identification of Complementary and Supplementary Angles
  • Identification of the Relationships Between Adjacent, Vertically Opposite, and Linear
  • Pairs of Angles
  • Perimeter and Area

  • Area and Perimeter of Squares, Rectangles, Parallelograms, and Triangles
  • Circumference and Area of Circles
  • Area and Perimeter of Composite Shapes
  • Area of Polygons and Special Quadrilaterals
  • Surface Area and Volume

  • Surface Area of Cubes and Cuboids
  • Surface Area and Volume of Right Prisms
  • Statistics

  • Using Random Samples to Describe Populations
  • Using Random Samples to Compare Populations
  • Probability

  • Experimental and Theoretical Probability
  • Compound Events
  • Revision of Topics

  • All Topics
  • 7th Grade Math Curriculum

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