on Desktop & Laptop for grades,
1 to 8

India’s #1 math program.
Now in the Netherlands.

Live classes, not pre-recorded video, with a teacher

3 out of 4 Cuemath students bagged the top ranks at the Math Olympiad
2x increase in logical reasoning skills
94% parents report better school math scores

1-on-1 Online Math Tutors

Better understanding with a visually intuitive learning system
Conceptual clarity through instant doubt clearing
Personalized attention from the tutor in live classes
Application-based practice and homework questions

How does the Cuemath Program work?

What makes Cuemath the best math program?

At Cuemath, we believe that math is the language of everyday thinking. We help every child master this language through :
Visual learning and activities rather than boring worksheets
Emphasis on strong conceptual understanding rather than repetitive drills
Personalized learning plan and feedback instead of robotic completion of courses
Helping the child fall in love with math instead of dreading the subject

Our Indian Footprint


India’s best, backed by the world’s elite!

Cuemath was founded with the vision of imparting world class math education to students all over the world. We’ve positively impacted over 40,000 students in India who have mastered math the Cuemath way and are on their way to becoming the critical thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow.
Over the last few years, two of the biggest venture capital firms, Capital G and Sequoia Capital, have joined us in our mission to revolutionize math learning across the world by leading different rounds of funding. With the backing of some of the world’s elite companies, we are well on our way to taking our proprietary curriculum and distinct delivery system to countries across the globe and making a positive difference in the lives of students there.