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Online Private Tutors at Cuemath enable students to have access to a personalized and self paced learning environment.

Personalized learning plan
Live 1:1 tutoring
Develop strong fundamentals


How will a Cuemath home tutor help your child?

A school has an average teacher to student ratio of 25:1. This means there is just one teacher for every 25 students and this number is just an average and there are probably schools out there with a higher ratio. And in such a setting it is almost impossible to cater to every students’ individual needs.

Our mission here is to help combat this issue and provide a more personalized experience where our private tutor and student have this one on one learning experience. Our private tutors know exactly where their students lack and do the needful to get them to par and then overtake their classmates.

How are we different?
Cuemath helps your child to develop essential math skills
A dynamic environment where active student driven learning takes the front seat.
Student centric personalized learning plan to track individual progress.
Focus on building strong fundamentals with an application based approach
We encourage students to make mistakes. It is the best way to facilitate learning.
Children build their own mental model and algorithms which inturn boosts confidence.

Testimonials from Parents

Cuemath Private Tutors Will Help Enhance Your Child’s Math Abilities :

At Cuemath, our collective aim is to provide the best Math-learning experience to our students and we ensure that each of them receives individual attention. Our private tutors don’t follow conventional methods of teaching, they are skilled in making the subject interesting with different activities and games. Unlike other tutors, our expert tutors motivate students to find out the logic behind each concept and emphasize on the ‘Why’ more than ‘What’.

The Cuemath model is structured in a way that enables students to recognize their true Mathematical potential and improves their academic performance.

Cuemath Private Tutor experience - Tools

The program consists of unique and unconventional tools such as Online Worksheets, interactive simulations and challenging and thought-provoking puzzles that not only grab their attention but also get them completely absorbed in the learning process. The Cuemath private tutors help your child to learn the basics and develop the required skills to shine in any Math exam.

Our private tutors don’t follow any stipulated schedule. Instead, they always let their students progress with the lessons at their own pace and give them ample time to grasp each topic. At Cuemath, our focus lies in their overall character development and we ensure that they grow up into free-thinking and liberal individuals.

In contrast to regular private tutors where not much effort is actually put in rectifying the weak points of students, our private tutors take extra care to help them overcome their shortcomings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a private tutor mean?
Private tutoring involves one teacher and one student. A singular approach to teaching that focuses primarily on one student and his/her curriculum. An enhanced teaching experience that aims at fulfilling pre-set objectives and goals.
What are the advantages of private tutoring?
The main ‘marketed’ advantage of private tutoring is the 1:1 ratio. And yes this huge advantage that tags with it another series of advantages. The student- private tutor rapport is a key advantage. This also facilitates deeper understanding by taking the class at the individual students’ pace and not at the teacher’s pace.
My kid performs fairly well, does he/she still need a private tutor?
To answer this question in one word, Yes. Every student should have this one on one experience that helps them. Even if your child performs well and is in the top 10 of their respective class, private tutoring never hurts. They can use this as an opportunity to get ahead and make sure they’re prepared for the concepts and lessons to come.
What skills must a private tutor possess?
A private tutor must be able to build a rapport with their students. A give and take is very necessary in such a learning experience. The private tutors at Cuemath are Cuemath are expert professionals that have 15+ years of experience in the field.
How many hours with a private tutor are recommended?
Though this is a subjective question, one should engage with a private tutor for a minimum of 2 hours a week to see desired results. A Cuemath assessment test will help better answer this question.