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Cuemath teaches the core concepts of computer programming that will lay the foundations for future coding success. Your kids will learn.
Introduction to programming
Building your first game
Understanding Binary
Loops in programming
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Benefits of Learning Game Development
Projects like chasing games, mazes, artwork, and animated stories, will allow kids to strengthen their concepts in...
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Other Relevant Topics

Game Development via Block-based Coding

  • Command Sequence
  • For-loops
  • Events
  • Nested loops
  • Code Reviews
  • Code Optimisation
  • If-else conditions
  • While-loops
2 Levels
Grade 1-3
40 Hours

App Development via Block-based Coding

  • Event-based program
  • Basic design
  • Defining buttons
  • Adding screens
  • Controlling variables
  • User input
  • If-else statements
  • Conditional logic
2 Levels
Grade 4-8
40 Hours

Game Development via Python

  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Conditional statements
  • Event listeners
  • Modules
  • Dictionaries
  • Files & classes
  • Function arguments
2 Levels
Grade 5-10
40 Hours

Web Development via HTML-CSS Javascript

  • Lists, tables & forms
  • Divs & backgrounds
  • Styling through CSS
  • Blocks & Inlines
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Boolean logic
  • Switch statements
2 Levels
Grade 7+
40 Hours

Java (AP Computer Sci A)

  • Primitive types
  • Objects
  • Boolean expressions
  • Iteration
  • Writing classes
  • Arrays
  • Inheritance
  • Recursion
2 Levels
Grade 7+
40 Hours

Game Development via Block-based Coding

App Development via Block-based Coding

Game Development via Python

Web Development via HTML-CSS Javascript

Java (AP Computer Sci A)

Game Development for Kids

With the advent of computers and smart gadgets, kids are being introduced to these devices at a much younger age, and they have skillfully mastered the use of them. Children possess outstanding creative thinking skills and can express their imagination in amazing ways. In this new era, even kids from this young age can learn how to code and make their own apps or games and use their imagination in a fun way.  

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Gaming, coding, and machine thinking are now being promoted as important skills both in and out of school for young people. There are various easy courses available online these days to learn game development for kids.

Game Development for Kids - What is It?

As part of game development, kids learn new coding platforms and understand how different peripherals interact with the game. For young kids, game development would be starting with basic games like Minecraft, wherein they will understand the localization logic and will have to code it for the game to work. Kids will first need to create the game's skeleton and be clear on the flow of the game.

Development of the game is closely followed by testing the game, after each cycle of development kid will need to play the developed game themselves to see its accuracy and effectiveness.

Why is Game Development for Kids Important?

Learning kids coding during one’s formative years can prove to be highly resourceful. Not only does it give children a look into the vast world of coding games for kids, but also puts kids ahead when compared to their peers.

Starting to learn a skill so early on can also boost a child’s logical brain capacity and also build on their quick decision-making abilities. The versatility that our online coding games for kids offer is unparalleled to any other such program.

Cuemath’s Game Development for kids uses a block-based programming language that not only makes understanding the language and concept easy but also adds a variant of fun and excitement to the process.

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Most of all, mobile game development for kids is an avenue into the future. Looking at the rate at which the world is progressing and how important mobile phones are in our daily lives it is a viable career option. Starting off early is what can set your child and give them that boost they deserve.

Benefits of Game Development for Kids

Introducing game development for kids will give them an option to present their creative thinking in some new imaginative ways. It will help them learn how to make decisions and thereby instill in them the problem-solving skill, which will help them in real-life situations.

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FAQs on Game Development for Kids

How to Choose the Best Game Development Classes for Kids Online?

These days with so many online class options, the best way to finalize which one to choose is to take the trial classes of a selected few, as this will help the child get an idea as to what he or she will be learning.

The parents will also get to know the teacher and the teacher can guide the parents about their way of teaching. Also, the good thing about these online game development classes for kids is that if you are not satisfied, you can discontinue anytime and try some other one.

What is Game Development for Kids?

Game development for kids is when the students learn how to create their own games on computers or smartphones using a language that the computer understands, which can be termed as coding.

Are Online Game Development Classes for Kids Worth It?

The advantage that the current technology has given us is that we have a bed of knowledge at our fingertips and it is up to us how to utilize it. If the kid is really interested, then surely he or she would get a great amount of help and guidance in their online game development courses.

What is the Best Way to Teach Game Development to Kids?

With plenty of study material available online, the kids can try to learn by themselves, there are a lot of YouTube resources on game development for kids, and if they want a regular proper guided approach then they can finalize upon some good online course.

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How Game Development for Kids Promotes Logical Thinking?

Game development for kids is a very creative and also analytical process. Creative as there are various aspects in which a certain instinctual intelligence helps better and analytical as to design, create logic and develop the algorithm requires analytical thinking.

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