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Named the ‘Athens of the East’, Madurai boasts of a rich cultural heritage and history. It was a significant cultural and business centres during the historical era and now it has been turned into a famous pilgrimage spot. Education in this city is being stressed upon and their government has introduced a lot of schemes which will help students to achieve excellence in their academics.

A city where education is one of the most important pillars of livelihood, there is a section of women who are deprived of the opportunity to apply their teaching skills. So, at Cuemath, we have introduced a set of part-time jobs for women in Madurai who are willing to continue with their passion to teach. This is a great way of starting your own business as you will only need to invest your time and be passionate about teaching Math to young students.

These part-time teaching jobs will be perfect for women who want to do something for themselves and also become an earning member of their family. We have helped many married women revive their love for imparting knowledge after becoming a part-time teacher and they are thoroughly enjoying the experience. For those who have very little time to spare during the week but still want to teach, there are openings for weekend tutor jobs as well.

Our Cuemath team will provide you with the appropriate support that you require to flourish as a part-time teacher. All the materials that you will need while teaching will be given to you so that you can become familiar with them. You will be made to undergo unique training which will certify you as a Cuemath teacher and help you get students to your Cuemath centre through extensive marketing. You will only need to open the doors of your house for your students where they will get the chance to explore Mathematics like never before.

Enrol with us at Cuemath and help students explore the lesser-known world of Mathematics.

Become a Cuemath Teacher Partner In Madurai
Run a part time home-based Cuemath centre and teach math to KG to 6th grade kids. Our tech-enabled learning material is delivered to your doorstep.
Part Time Teaching
Run a home-based Cuemath centre in Madurai and provide a world-class math education to children.
Use the Best Math Learning System
We will equip you with a multi-channel approach to teach math in the best way. All the teaching material you would need would be provided by us.
Get Training & Marketing Support
We will provide you with the training and certification along with all the marketing support you need to get students for your centre in Madurai.
Earn Attractively
We offer you the opportunity to earn upto Rs. 40,000 per month, working part time from your home in Madurai.
Testimonials from Teachers in Madurai

It was my dream to guide students towards their goal to become great at Math. Since becoming a Cuemath teacher, I have been able to take students on a journey through the wonderful world of Math and they don’t feel scared anymore before appearing for an exam.

Cuemath Teacher
Saranya Hariharan

I love how Cuemath effortlessly makes students fall in love with Math and overcome their fear of the subject. An impactful program such as this was truly needed as it is suitable for students who lack the confidence to score great marks in their Math examinations.

Cuemath Teacher
Janaki Balakrishnan

The Cuemath program has been successful in changing the mindset of students and convincing them that Math is a fun-filled subject. Now, they don’t face any problems while learning the topics and put in a lot of effort to improve.

Cuemath Teacher
Gayathri Sankar

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Looking for a rewarding work-from-home job that offers flexible working hours and a highly competitive salary? Then it’s time to join Cuemath’s fast-growing team of online Math teachers! Cuemath is looking for experienced educators and university graduates with a mathematics focused education and experience teaching Math to tutor students from K-12 online from the comfort of their own home. The ideal candidate is enthusiastic, self motivated, tech savvy, and loves working with kids. Tutoring on Cuemath is easy. Tutor students one-on-one from anywhere with an internet connection using your laptop or computer.

  1. Deliver live one-on-one sessions and present lessons in a comprehensive manner to students between grades K-12 and preparing well in advance for the sessions.
  2. Simplifying math concepts while coaching students to think critically to solve problems.
  3. Provide individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning.
  4. Encourage student participation and lead student discussions to keep the sessions interactive, exciting and engaging.
  5. Responsible to work and improvise on the existing content, assign educational activities (worksheets, tests, assignments, etc.)
  6. Assess and record students‘ progress and provide feedback.
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Employment Type
Education Requirements:
The applicant should have studied math upto grade 10
Earn upto Rs. 40,000 per month based on the number of students you teach
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Cuemath Part Time Teacher Get Students in Madurai?
As a Cuemath part time teacher in Madurai, you will get students in two different ways: Through digital advertising campaigns run by the Cuemath marketing team, and By making your own center well known locally. Through these channels, a new teacher typically starts with 2-3 students in the first couple of months and typically goes up to 6-10 students in 6 months and 10 to 18 students over a year.
What Kind Of Training Will I Get As A Cuemath Part time Teacher in Madurai?
Cuemath teacher partners in Madurai have two major responsibilities: To conduct Cuemath part time classes in an engaging manner using the Cuemath method. This ensures learning outcomes for all students, and To showcase the Cuemath program by conducting a demo session for prospective parents. So, the prospective teachers are trained to handle these two responsibilities. The Cuemath Teacher Partner certification program is a combination of online and offline training activities which can be completed in 7 to 10 days based on the learning pace of the trainee teachers.
How Much Does A Cuemath Part time Teacher Earn in Madurai?
The single most important factor that determines how much you will earn as a Cuemath teacher is the amount of time you are willing to devote in conducting the part time Cuemath classes in Madurai. If you devote 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, you could earn up to Rs. 45000 a month.
Is Cuemath A Genuine Par time Opportunity For Teachers in Madurai?
As of 2019, we have over 40,000 students as part of the program across India. We are supported by two of the top venture capital firms in the world- Sequoia and Google Capital. We have stringent selection guidelines. Read on to find if Cuemath will be a good part time opportunity for you in Madurai.