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How to prepare yourself for IMO 2020

  • The clock is ticking as the International Mathematics Olympiad by the SOF is set to arrive by the end of the year. And in the true competitive spirit, students are already on the run absorbing mathematical texts to prepare for one of the most engaging competitions in the discipline. So, if you too are looking forward to making a mark at the Olympiad this year with a high enough score, you’re probably going to need more than a few elementary classes.
  • The Math Olympiad from SOF is due to occur during the month of December globally and would conclude with a final for its second phase possibly in February 2021. But until the deadline arrives, there are enough resources that students should consult.
  • For starters, students who prepare for the coveted Olympiad must learn to deal with questions that challenge them in a multi-faceted fashion.
  • Resources on the Olympiad are well scattered across video lectures, online blogs, research papers, and the most preferred outlet - books! Read on if you plan on going through the best books and resources for preparing for the International Mathematics Olympiad 2020.

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What all to cover?

  • In order to cover the entire syllabus asked in IMO exam, one must first start studying the mathematics syllabus of the board they are enrolled in e.g. CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE or any other State Board.
  • The exam takes in vast amounts of questions and other data from multiple sources which make the NCERT books and its affiliates the first stop for any person looking for important books.
  • You must thoroughly study course books suggested by your school board (ICSE/ CBSE/ State Board). In addition to this, you can refer to books available for Olympiad preparation to get a good rank in IMO. These include:
    • MTG class-wise books
    • SOF Olympiad Trainer Mobile Apps
    • OSDS (Olympiad Skill Development System)
    • Previous Year Papers
    • IMO Mock Tests
    • Olympiad Books of Reasoning (for preparation of Reasoning section of Olympiad
    • IMO Sample Papers
      and other such books and resources for preparation of Logical Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning sections.
  • Actually, there is no single text that needs to be covered to really ace the SOF’s edition of the International Mathematics Olympiad. Students who’ve had a history of undergoing the exam might be aware of the complicated nature of the questions and how they lack the general structure found in school examinations.
  • This just adds to the level of competition as students have to rely on their wits and intelligence to determine what concept applies to which questions rather than having the questions asking explicitly what’s required.
  • Among the famous publications that people can refer to, the most preferred happens to be Modern’s ABC, Exam Idea, RD Sharma and the NCERT guides for entrance examinations.
  • While the general level of difficulty for students may seem intense to many to start with such books, but many would find the content well suited for complex lateral level approaches in solving questions.
  • Entrance exam books such as Exam Idea are quite in demand for their HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) which cover a large component of how the questions are framed in the Olympiad.
  • Among the editions for international books that are crucial for developing critical Math skills (much beyond SOF Math Olympiad syllabus) include
    • Advanced Olympiad Inequalities: Algebraic and Geometric Olympiad Inequalities from KDP
    • Mathematical Bridges by Birkhäuser
    • Art of Thinking: Math for Gifted Students
    • Power Calculation by Examples: Math for Gifted Students by CreateSpace.
    • Mathematical Olympiad Treasures by Birkhäuser
  • Thorough preparation is required to ace this exam. SOF itself provides the preparation material for each section for each grade. The books are available in print as well as e-format.
  • IMO books and resources can be bought or downloaded for learning and practicing the concepts. Practicing such material will empower the candidates with the confidence that they need to crack the examination.
  • These resources also provide complex questions that can be used as a tool to gain further understanding of every concept tested. Apart from this, IMO Sample Papers and IMO Mock Tests are available on our website and in the market to make students more aware of the general pattern of the exam and the level of difficulty.
  • School textbooks can also become a major source for preparation for the quantitative reasoning section. The proposed course structure, especially for classes 9 to 12, is very similar to the NCERT syllabus. Students can refer to the books for a clear understanding of the tested areas.

Preparation Strategy

  • December will be here soon. A few last-minute tips are in order. Practice more, more and more.
  • Practicing is a major part, but it is not all. Along with enough practice, the right mental outlook is also required.
  • There should be positive environment in the family of the candidate. Parents must support their child not only financially, but also mentally and emotionally.
  • To crack any aptitude examination, a healthy motivation must be provided by the family members. Pressure should be avoided at every cost. The candidate must not have fear in his mind while giving the examination.
  • One hour of IMO exam must be spent on doing questions to the best of his or her abilities without thinking about the result. Calmness and composure must be maintained throughout the hour.
  • Whenever the pressure builds up, stop for a moment, take a deep breath and relax. Break your fear and fill your mind with peace and composure, and then continue. Everything will be alright.
  • December will be here soon. A few last-minute tips are in order. Practice more, more and more.
  • Prepare a timetable and work plan for effective preparation and don’t forget to give time for your interests and hobbies. They are equally important. Try to avoid pressure and negative feelings as much as possible. At last, all the best!

Cuemath Olympiad (CMO) Results 2019

  • Cuemath recently organized its 1st edition of Math Olympiad in November 2019 (Round 1) and January 2020 (Round 2).
  • A nation-wide test to unearth the best math minds, the 2019 Olympiad welcomed over 11850 students to participate in Round 1 and over 4159 students in Round 2.
  • The most-awaited results for the 2019 Cuemath Olympiad have been released on our website!
  • Visit Cuemath Olympians 2019 to check the final results.