Where Do We Use Mean in Our Day to Day Life?

Question: Where do we use mean in our day to day life?

The Mean is nothing but an average of numbers in a given set.

Answer: The mean is useful to represent a single value for a large amount of data. A few examples of the mean are listed below.

Let's explore the uses of mean in daily life.


The mean or average is useful in many ways in the real world.

  • If a student is reading a particular subject with n number of chapters in x hours. Then, the meantime can be calculated for other similar subjects and chapters. This will help the student in time analysis.
  • If a child is participating in a particular sport, then the mean is helpful for his\her coach to keep track of the changes in speed or energy.
  • Mean can be used to plan daily schedules for children to ensure sufficient time is provided for all activities. 
  • The price of the shares of a company keeps changing every day. Here, the mean price of the share is quoted for reference.
  • The time duration for travel between two places keeps varying for each day. Here the average time duration is used to help understand the time it takes to travel between two places.

Thus, The mean has numerous applications in our day-to-day life.