Area and Perimeter Worksheets

Area and perimeter worksheets involve questions on calculating the area and perimeter of different shapes such as square, rectangle, and triangle and complex figures as well like the parallelogram, rhombus, etc. Students learn how to solve questions relating to the same by practicing problems using these worksheets.

Benefits of Area and Perimeter Worksheets

At every step, area and perimeter worksheets make sure students' doubts are being cleared practically while they are working on it first-hand. These math worksheets come along with an answer key with a detailed step-by-step method of the solutions that help students study at their own pace. Area and perimeter worksheets are very interactive and contain visual simulations that provide a good understanding of the topic.

Download Printable Area and Perimeter Worksheet PDFs

By getting sufficient practice with the help of area and perimeter worksheets, a student can score better in exams. These worksheets can be downloaded in PDF format for free.

Area and Perimeter Worksheet - 1

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Area and Perimeter Worksheet - 2

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Area and Perimeter Worksheet - 3

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Area and Perimeter Worksheet - 4

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