CBSE Class 9 Revision Notes

Class 9 Maths Revision Notes

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Daily Revision is an important aspect that can enhance your exam preparations to a much greater level. As a Class 9 student, you need to strengthen your Math concepts not only for exams but to also have a concrete foundation for Class 10 Maths. To help boost your confidence and preparations for the upcoming CBSE Class 9 Maths exam, our experts have prepared a concise, well-structured and self-explanatory set of revision notes for you.

Our FREE CBSE Class 9 chapter-wise revision PDF covers the following chapters:

  • Chapter-1   Number Systems
  • Chapter-2   Polynomials
  • Chapter-3   Coordinate Geometry
  • Chapter-4   Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Chapter-5   Introduction to Euclids Geometry
  • Chapter-6   Lines and Angles
  • Chapter-7   Triangles
  • Chapter-8   Quadrilaterals
  • Chapter-9   Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
  • Chapter-10 Circles
  • Chapter-11 Constructions
  • Chapter-12 Heron’s Formula
  • Chapter-13 Surface Areas and Volumes
  • Chapter-14 Statistics
  • Chapter-15 Probability

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CBSE Class 9 Revision Notes
CBSE Class 9 Revision Notes
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