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Find certified math tutors in Bangalore near your home. Help your child excel at math in school and beyond.

We prepare your child for the real world, going beyond the blackboard syllabus taught to your child in schools

We help your child excel in math by enhancing his or her mathematical thinking skills

3 out of 4 Cuemath students who attempted the Math Olympiad 2017 secured the TOP ranks in their schools

Testimonials from parents in Bangalore

Sanaz always avoided math homework and got anxious before the exams. At Cuemath, she began learning with visual models and games on a tab. She enjoyed these and went regularly to her Cuemath class. The biggest improvement is that she is no longer scared of math.

Sanaz’s mother

Earlier I used to get anxious during Thanas’ math exams. I had to sit with him for hours to make him practice questions. But after joining Cuemath, he has developed an interest in math. Now he is eager to solve math problems and I don’t have to worry. It’s been two years in Cuemath and he has hardly missed any classes.

Thanas’s Mother

I remember how afraid I was of subtraction and multiplication once. But now at Cuemath, I love solving problem using base 10 blocks, colour counters, and other math manipulatives. Thank you Cuemath for making math learning so easy for me.



Cuemath helps children from KG-10th grade
foster Mathematical thinking for lifelong success

Cuemath helps children from KG-10th grade foster mathematical thinking for lifelong success

The Cuemath curriculum, designed by alumni from IITs and Cambridge University, draws from the best learning standards across CBSE, ICSE, and boards of various states, along with the US Common Core, UK National, and Singapore National Curricula.


Math worksheets designed to develop critical thinking

Math Box

Math learning tools to help children visualise math problems

Tab Exercises

Math games designed to help children build speed and accuracy

Puzzle Cards

Math puzzles to develop creative reasoning

How is education like in Bangalore?

Bengaluru is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Also known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is brimming with startups at every nook and corner. The city is also home to many educational institutions and has played an essential role in contributing towards skill development. Infact, Bangalore is one of the most significant educational hubs in India. Schools in Bangalore are either government run or private. There are a significant number of international schools due to number of expats and IT crowd’s tendency to get offshore assignments. Due to the heavy expectations from parents and other institutions alike, parents are always on the lookout for home tutors and coaching classes for their child. However, finding home tutors and coaching classes within arms reach, who are not only well versed with your child’s curriculum but also helps them understand math concepts to solve Math problems in a logical manner is a tough job. That’s where Cuemath helps bridge the gap between having to find a good home tutor in a short time and hoping your child likes the teaching process.

How does Cuemath work?

Cuemath is a beyond school math learning program that lets your child explore math in a way that is both fun and effective. In order to start your child on the path towards building a mathematical mindset, all you need to do is sign up on our Cuemath website with your location and some details about your child’s grade, and we will show you a list of Cuemath home tutors in your area. You can then schedule a free demo class to see how Cuemath helps increase your child’s math abilities.

Why Cuemath?

Every Cuemath tutoring session follows a well established learning structure that comprises puzzles, workbooks and other learning aids to help your child understand math better and faster while having fun at the same time. All our coaching classes have a 6:1 student - teacher ratio which ensures your child gets all the attention they need.

Classes we teach at Cuemath

CBSE (KG-10) ICSE (KG-10) State Boards (KG-10) International Boards (KG-10)