Active Learning

Cuemath students study through experiential learning methods. This allows them to work through concepts at their own pace while creating their own mental patterns to solving problems. It has been proven that this active-learning approach is extremely effective during the formative years of a child.


Unlike traditional classrooms or tuitions, each Cuemath classroom is limited to a maximum of 6 students which allows each child to get personalized attention from the teacher.

Expert In-person facilitation

Every classroom is facilitated by a carefully selected, trained and certified Cuemath Teacher who steps in to help your child when they face difficulty in understanding a particular topic or answering a specific question.

Math tutors trained & certified to help your child win at Math!

Traditionally, Mathematics is considered a subject involving only complex problems by applying formulae. However, Math is not just about solving complex problems, Math requires logical and creative thinking skills, all of which comes under the greater umbrella of what is called ‘Mathematical Thinking’.

Math requires the understanding of the ‘WHY’ behind the ‘WHAT’. Math is not all about calculating from a point to another. Your child needs to discover Math in a way that requires innovative thinking, this is where Cuemath private tutors come in who give individualised attention to your child to build the Mathematical Thinking.

At Cuemath, we have trained and certified math tutors to help your child understand Math by reasoning. We provide your child a fun way to study math with private tutors who we trained ourselves. We make Math is interesting and help your child fall in love with Math and not be stressed by it.

Our curriculum, designed by the Math experts from IITs & Cambridge University,helps your child understand the logic behind the ‘Why’ while asking the ‘What’.Our workbooks, tab exercises and math puzzles help children visualize math problems and create mental models to solve them, this induces them to visualize problems and find innovative solutions, developing mathematical thinking in your child.

Our math tutors devote their time for your child’s betterment in Math, making sure your child gets the most out of their classes.

We teach your kids to visualise, understand Math concepts and the logic behind the formulas in a manner which makes mugging formulas completely redundant.

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