Formula of a Rectangle

Question: What is the formula of a rectangle?

A rectangle is aclosed two-dimensional figure with four sides and four corners. 

Answer: The opposite sides are parallel to each other and equal in length.

A rectangle is a quadrilateral.


The following are the main formulae of rectangle:

  • The length of the opposite sides is equal and parallel to each other.
  • The formula for the diagonal of a rectangle is derived using the Pythagoras theorem. Diagonal of Rectangle (d) = √(l² + w²)
  • The area of a rectangle is the number of unit squares that can fit into a rectangle. Area of a Rectangle = (Length × Width) square units = lw
  • The perimeter of a rectangle is the length of the outer boundary of a rectangle.Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula = 2 (Length + Width) units = 2(l + w)

Thus, we have seen the formulae of a rectangle.