What is The Sum of The Numbers 6.68 and 0.8?

Question: What is the sum of the numbers 6.68 and 0.8?

Decimals are a set of numbers written together with a dot in between them that is called a decimal point.

Answer: The sum of 6.68 and 0.8 is 7.48.

Let's find the sum of the decimal numbers 6.68 and 0.8.


The sum of decimal numbers is done with the help of vertical addition according to the decimal place value system.

The decimals are added using the following steps:

Step 1: Write the numbers, such that the decimals are lined perfectly.
Step 2: Write zeroes in the places wherever the length of decimal numbers is not same.
Step 3: Now add the decimal numbers and find the output to addition.

The sum of 6.68 and 0.8 is equal to the sum of 6.68 and 0.80

Therefore, 6.68 + 0.8 = 6.68 + 0.80 = 7.48

Thus, The sum of 6.68 and 0.8 is 7.48