Write the Number Names According to :Indian System and International System a) 236749 B)48670002

Question: Write the number names according to the Indian system and International system

a) 236749      b)48670002

The place value systems are introduced to understand the numerical values in a better way and for easy comparison of numbers.

Answer: The number names of the given numbers are mentioned below.

Let's explore the Indian place-value system as well as the international place-value system and how to write number names.


a) 236749

  • Indian System: 2,36,749 = Two lakh thirty-six thousand seven hundred and forty-nine.
  • International System:  236,749 = Two hundred thirty-six thousand seven hundred and forty-nine.

b) 48670002

  • Indian System: 4,86,70,002 = Four crore eighty-six lakh seventy thousand two.
  • International System: 48,670,002  = Forty-eight million six hundred seventy thousand two.

Thus, the number names of given numerals are obtained by separating the digits with commas in accordance with the place values.