A class was in progress for Kindergarten students. Ma’am Teena, the teacher-on-duty, had joined a couple of days back and did not know the names of her students. While teaching, she asked the girl in the red dress to spell the numbers written on the board. That day, three girls were wearing a red-colored dress. Ma’am had to specify that the girl who was sitting in the fourth row next to the window had to spell the numbers. Imagine how simple it would have been, if Ma’am Leena knew the girl’s name. Names help us to identify people. Similarly, the numbers in math also have names.



Number Names

Number names are used to represent numbers in an alphabetical format.



Solved Examples

Example 1:

Match the numbers with their number names.



Example 2

Circle the correct number name.



Practice Questions

Question 1

Match the numbers with their number names.



Question 2

Write the number names in the empty boxes next to the numbers given below.

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