The Foolish Donkey


Read the Story of The foolish donkey with Illustrations


Once upon a time, a salt seller used to carry salt bags on his donkey's back to the market everyday. One day, when the donkey was carrying the salt bag, he suddenly tumbled down the stream, and the salt bag on his back also fell into the water. Since most of the salt got dissolved in water, the salt bag became very light. It made the donkey very happy.

The cunning donkey decided to follow the same trick every day. The salt seller came to know about the cunning plan and soon decided to teach the donkey a lesson for his life. The very next day, the salt seller replaced the salt with cotton.

Since the donkey played the same trick, assuming that the cotton bag will become lighter. As the cotton became wet, it got heavier and heavier and very difficult to carry. Soon the donkey realized his master’s trick, and it learned the lesson. The donkey did not perform any such trick in the future, and his master was now pleased.


Moral of the story, The foolish donkey-  There is no key to success except hard work.