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How to Get Rid of Maths Phobia

July 22, 2020

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15th August 1947, was the day our country got independence. It is a day worth celebrating every year. However, if we look deeper, how much has education evolved since then?

For the past 69 years, our country has followed the same rudimentary methods in education. On average, children go to school for 8 hours a day, where they are taught by at least 5-6 teachers every day. Each teacher handles a class of roughly 30-40 students and these students have the pressure of understanding and learning concepts within 40 minutes of a class.

How is this even possible?

Education experts agree that each child learns differently and pushing them to cope with a faulty system is a tad bit unfair. It hinders their curiosity and if they score low, they begin to believe that they are weak in math and start fearing it.

Cuemath, with its well-designed curriculum which ensures true math learning, set out on a mission 2 years ago to remove the fear of math from kids and instead make them fall in love with the subject.

Fundamental learning ensures that a child learns concepts through a “why behind the what” approach. While children are usually taught steps and formulae with little or no explanation, the Cuemath Program makes them understand the “why” behind using certain methods. This way, the child builds his/her reasoning power and knows how to make a wise decision on his/her own.

This in-depth learning prepares children for becoming future leaders, thinkers, and game-changers.

Cuemath students fall in love with math through engaging multi-modal material like worksheets, tabs, puzzle cards, etc. Moreover, the Cuemath Program allows children to learn at their own pace. This gives them the freedom to think big.

In the spirit to celebrate Independence Day this year, Cuemath students across the nation took part in an interesting kite making session in their respective Cuemath Centers. About 200+ Cuemath Teachers organised the amazing kite making session and along with their students relished in the glory of the change that Cuemath is bringing in the current education system.

Check out our Facebook album for more amazing pictures.

Math is not about doing calculations and limiting kids to textbook problems. Maths is a way of life!

Forcing kids to follow set instructions will inhibit their ability to think and they will lose their natural curiosity. Even though it gets annoying when a young child continuously asks “why”, you must understand that this is the way they learn best and begin thinking.

So this Independence Day, liberate your child from the fear of math and make him/her excel in life with Cuemath!

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