The Area of The Trapezoid

Question: What is the area of the trapezoid?

trapezoid is a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides (which are known as bases).

Answer: The area of a trapezoid is A = (1/2) × (a + b) × h

The area of the trapezoid is calculated by measuring the average of the parallel sides and multiplying it with its height.


The area of a trapezoid can be shown in the figure given below:

area of a trapezoid

So, the area of a trapezoid is A = (1/2) × (a + b) × h

Here, a and b are the lengths of the two parallel sides, and 'h' is the height of the trapezoid (distance between two parallel sides).

Thus, we have seen the area of the trapezoid as (1/2)(a+b)h.