Right Angle Triangle Calculator

What Is Right Angle Triangle Calculator?

The Right Angle Triangle is a triangle whose one angle is 90°. A right-angled triangle follows the Pythagoras theorem. 'Cuemath's Right Angle Triangle calculator' is a free online tool that finds a triangle is a right-angle triangle or not within a few seconds.

How to Use the Right Angle Triangle Calculator?

Follow the steps mentioned below to find the right angle triangle.

  • Step 1- Input the values of the Hypotenuse, Base, and the Altitude in the respective input boxes.
  • Step 2- Click on "Calculate" to find the triangle is a right angle triangle or not.
  • Step 3- Click on "Reset" to clear the fields and enter the new values.

How to Calculate Right Angle Triangle?

A right-angle triangle is having 3 sides the base, altitude, and hypotenuse. The angle formed by the joining point of altitude and the base is 90°. A right-angle triangle follows Pythagoras Theorem.

Figure: Right angle triangle

The Pythagoras Theorem formula for a right angle triangle is:  Hypotenuse2 = Base2 + Altitude2

Let's learn through an example how to find a triangle is a right angle triangle or not.

Solved Example :

If the three sides of a triangle are 13 units, 12 units, and 5 units. Calculate if the triangle formed is a right-angle triangle or not.

Solution :

The longest side of the triangle is the hypotenuse that is, Hypotenuse = 13 units

The other two sides are: Base = 12 units and Altitude = 5 units

Now apply the Pythagoras theorem and if the Pythagoras theorem formula satisfies then the triangle is a right-angled triangle.

Hypotenuse2 = Base2 + Altitude2

132 = 122 + 52

169 = 144 + 25

169 = 169

Since the Pythagoras theorem satisfies, therefore the triangle is a right angle triangle.

Now, use our online Right Angle Triangle calculator and find if the triangle is right angle triangle or not whose sides are:

1) 15 units, 5 units, and 10 units

2) 25 units, 24 units, and 7 units

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