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2 November  2020

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Imagine…..if Pythagoras fell in love…..

Intro Pythagoras image

Difficult to imagine? 

Well, Mathematicians are human after all and just because they are good at numbers doesn’t mean that they are bereft of human emotions!  They feel the heat and cold, they feel pain and ecstasy ( not the kind when they get solving a theorem), and yes! They do fall in love too…

In this blog, we will be compiling a list of Geometry Puns including angle puns,  circle puns, triangle puns, square puns.


Geometry Puns - PDF

If you ever want to read it again as many times as you want, here is a downloadable PDF to explore more.

📥 Geometry Puns - PDF


Geometry Puns

So, back to our imagination; If Pythagoras fell in love, what would his love letter to his lady love read like?

Geometry Puns image

90 Degree Avenue
Hypotenuse Road
The United States of Triangles.

My Dear Love,

Yesterday, I was passing by your rectangular house with a triangular garden, I saw you at your square window. Before I met you my heart was an equilateral triangle that treated everyone equally. But seeing you, I was thrown out of this spherical world with my eyes making a tangent to your eyes. 

Today, my love for you is a quadratic equation with real roots, which only you can solve by making good binary relation with me.

My love for you will always be more than the squares of my two passions- mathematics and geometry. Even if you were to add my two passions, each of them squared it would only equal the square of my love for you. In other words,  my love for you extends to infinity. 

Your ever-loving

Image 1

Well, one thing is for sure…’ll never forget the concepts mentioned in this letter! 

The point is don’t make Geometry a dreaded subject. Treat the subject like a friend. Play with it …create Geometry jokes for students, create Geometry puns and you’ll see that Geometry is so much human and so much of fun!

Angle Puns

Here are some Angle Puns

Angle puns image

No Geometry Pun can be considered worthwhile without a dig at angles. This is the foundation of Geometry and certainly, this topic cannot be treated as a Geometry Joke. But, what if your puns and jokes help you understand angles?

1. If 90° says anything in an argument with the other angles, it's always correct.
    Cuz it's the only right angle. 

2. What's the best angle to approach any problem?
    The tryangle!

 3. How do you know an angle is too drunk?
     When it's a rect angle

4. What do you call an adorable angle?
    Acute angle

5. Why was the ratio of the side opposite an angle to the hypotenuse sick?
    Because it had sine-flu.

6. I drew a 90° angle perfectly yesterday.
    Looks like I finally did something right.

Point 6 image

7. In an attempt to teach him shapes, I told my 2-year-old son to pick out the 3-sided shape with a 90-degree angle. He picked one...
    It was the right triangle.

8. Why couldn’t the angle get a loan?
    Because its parents wouldn’t cosine

Circle Puns

A lot of students find circles tough. However, clever use of Geometry puns made in circles can definitely ease the tension. So, here are some Circle Puns

1. 2 squares and 2 circles
               2 squares were in an argument and 2 circles were in an argument.
                The squares were arguing over who was hotter, even though they were both 90 degrees.
                 The 2 circles argue all the time so the argument was pretty pointless.

2. Why does America keep going in circles?
    Because they're all about their rights

3. Why is it called “the circle of life?”
    You can find happiness in every corner.

Image happiness

4. Never invite a circle to a party
    They tend to make one-sided conversations.

5. I used to sell rugs, but I had to stop selling the semi-circle ones.
    I was tired of being called a D rug dealer.

6. A triangle says to a circle: You're pointless.
    Then the circle says back: That's how I roll.

7. Why did the man put his pennies in a circle?
    To make ends meet.

8. A circle is talking to a square.
   The circle says: “I only have one side.”
   The square then responds with: “What’s your point?”

Point 8 image

9. Why was the circle depressed?
    She thought her life was pointless.

10. I tried to draw a circle, after doing all my calculations, it would never be correct...
      Turns out, it was a rounding error.

Triangle Puns

Whoever thought that a three-sided shape and make Mathematics so challenging. Let’s see if some stories and geometry puns can make Triangle easier. 

Triangle puns story:

Once upon a time in a faraway land...

There's a triangular lake, with three kingdoms on each side of the triangle.

The first kingdom is very rich, and the people are content. It has a very competent army, with a squire for every knight, and a total of twenty thousand knights. There is no hunger in the land.

The second image

The second kingdom is not as well off, but still makes a case for itself. There are minor issues, but people are mostly happy. Its army consists of ten thousand knights and five thousand squires.

And the third kingdom. It is a depleted and sad region. There are no crops, and drought is profound. The army consists of only one old knight, and his loyal squire.

The three kingdoms eventually go to war for control of the lake, as it's a valuable resource to have.
*On the night before the battle...*

The first kingdom is confident of victory. They enjoy their dinner without a thought for the coming ordeal. There are rich foods and wine, and the army gets drunk, even the squires.

The second kingdom's army is not as lucky, and they are a bit worried about the battle. They still eat merrily and get drunk on barley beer.

And in the third camp, the old knight lays down for a while. His squire hangs up a noose on an old tree with a high pot and cooks him dinner in the pot. Both of them sleep rather quickly.

The day dawns, and the twenty thousand knights are drunk. They do not move even when the bugle calls. Their squires fight for them instead.

Twenty thousand image

The second army is a mixture of drunk knights and squires.

The third army's only soldier is too tired and doesn't come out of his tent. His squire stands for him with a bow and arrow.

The battle begins, and the incompetent squires are killed, along with the drunk knights. Soon, there are only three squires left - one from the first kingdom, the other from the second, and the only squire from the 3rd kingdom.

They start the final duel, and the first squire is impaled by an arrow shot by the squire of the third kingdom. Just as the third squire reloads his bow and releases another arrow, a spear thrown by the second squire strikes him in the throat.

However, his aim is true, and the loose arrow pierces the second squire between the eyes.And it just goes on to show,
That the squire of the high pot and noose is equal to the sum of the squires of the other two sides.

Triangle puns image

Triangle Puns

    Because some of them are Obtuse

2. Why is the Toblerone chocolate shaped like a triangle?
    So that it'll fit inside the box.

3. What would you call the Bermuda Triangle if it had four edges?
    The Bermuda wreck tangle

4. Where did the square go after killing the triangle?
    To prism

5. My dad asked me why my math scores were weak. I told him that I found myself caught in a love triangle.
    He looked concerned, sat down with me, and said, "You know you can tell me anything right?       What's really going on?"
    I replied "I don't know how to explain this to you but the four of us are in love

6. I saw a right triangle resting under a tree.
    I thought, "Wow, 90 degrees in the shade!"

Jerry image

Square Puns

Let’s now see how Geometry puns and Geometry jokes as square puns can make square concepts easier

1. Why do restaurants put a pizza in square boxes?
    Because they don't cut corners.

2.What did the professor say when his student asked if pyramids were essentially squares?
    Yes, but only up to a point.

3. I told my daughter an interesting cat fact. If you drop any cat it will fall at 32-feet per second squared.
    She immediately replied, "That's a rumor started by dogs."

4. What is Albert Einstein's rapper name?
    MC Squared!

5. Why didn't King Arthur use the square table?
    Because that table wasn’t a-round.

Point 5 image

6. My teacher is like 5 but square rooted.
    So irrational.

7. Why are square roots never sad?
    Because they're always positive.

8. Why didn't 4 cross the road?
    Because it was 2 squared.

9. Why are squares so hot?
    Because its corners are 90 degrees

Jerry image 1

10. Archimedes, Newton, and Pascal are playing hide and seek.
      It's Archimedes' turn to seek and so he starts counting down.
      Pascal quickly runs off to some bushes nearby.
      Newton starts walking, stops thinks for a while, and then draws a large rectangle around himself in the dirt.
      The time is up and Archimedes turns around: "Found you, Newton".
      "I'm not Newton", he replies, "I’m Newton in a square meter, I'm a Pascal"


Now that you have so many puns and jokes, I am sure you can create many Geometry puns and Geometry jokes of your own. Let your imagination take wings and make a song and dance of Geometry!

Written by Jayashree Nair


why does nobody talk to circles?

Because there is no point.

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