The importance of developing mathematical thinking in children

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The importance of developing mathematical thinking in children

June 7, 2018

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Experts believe that the worst  way to learn Math is to memorize the math formulae and concepts blindly without being able to apply them in the right way to solve math problems. Unfortunately, the present system in which school math is taught in India open becomes so an interesting and boring for the  children that they resort to Rote learning  just to past their school math exams.

To make your child successful in life, there is a strong need for developing mathematical  critical thinking and creative reasoning skills in them. This might sound tough at first, but with good teaching and mentoring, it is indeed possible. Development of search skills will have some significant positive effects on your child.

  • Improve their math skills: Development of mathematical critical thinking abilities will enable the students to understand the Math lessons much faster. Instead of blindly memorizing the formulae and concepts now they will understand it much deeply and will remember them for a long time. This will result in a significant improvement in their math skills.
  • Establish connection between theory and practice:  Once your child develops the necessary mathematical critical thinking and creative reasoning skills, they will be able to correlate theory with things that they see around them regularly. This will make math learning much more fun for them and they will also  acquire the habit of doing mental math, which will be absolutely essential in everything that they will do in the future.
  • Solve math problems in a smarter way: The biggest problem that children who memorize math concepts without thinking too deeply is that they face a significant challenge when it comes to solving math problems which are not straightforward. Children with good mathematical critical thinking and creative reasoning skills always have a distinct advantage in this regard. They will be able to break the Math problems into smaller parts and think in a creative way to arrive at a smart solution in the shortest possible time. Hence, they always stay miles ahead of the other children when it comes to answering they school math examination papers.

Playing math games with children and making them undergo interactive and practical math lessons are  a great way to develop mathematical critical thinking as well as creative reasoning skills in them. Start trying this with your child from a young age and ensure that the child will reap the benefits forever.

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