What Kind Of Training Will I Get As A Cuemath Teacher?

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Cuemath teacher partners have two major responsibilities:

 1. To conduct Cuemath classes in an engaging manner using the Cuemath method. This ensures learning outcomes for all students, and
2.  To showcase the Cuemath program by conducting a demo session for prospective parents.

So, the prospective teachers are trained to handle these two responsibilities. The Cuemath Teacher Partner certification program is a combination of online and offline training activities which can be completed in 7 to 10 days based on the learning pace of the trainee teachers.

The training components include:

1. Online module covering Cuemath learning system, teaching philosophy and effective centre administration with the app
2. Online module on techniques and best practices to gather enrolments for the centre and growing it
3. Online module on one math concept explaining how does Cuemath handle teaching of any concept.
4. A one-day offline training program at Cuemath office to learn and assimilate the learning content

Each module will have an assessment to ensure that the teacher trainees understood and retained the course content and are well prepared to manage the responsibilities of a Cuemath Teacher Partner. The teacher partners will learn more on the job and from the community once they start their classes.