As A Cuemath Teacher, What Will Be My Agreement With Cuemath?

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Cuemath teachers are formally designated as Cuemath Teacher Partner (CTP). They are partners and not employees. The agreement terms and conditions mentioned reflect this relationship.


Cuemath teacher partner agreement are legally binding. They include some major aspects of a teacher’s work and relationship with Cuemath, including:

Intellectual property: The teacher partners are not supposed to replicate, recreate or reuse the curriculum, learning system or technology used by Cuemath, in part or in full.

Revenue share: The fees paid by the parents will be shared between Cuemath and the teacher partners will be in the ratio of 50:50 respectively.

Non-exclusivity: The appointment of Cuemath teacher partners in and around a particular locality is entirely driven by the demand for the program in that locality and Cuemath does not promise any territory to any one teacher partner.

Non-compete: The teacher partners who choose to work with Cuemath are not allowed to work with, own or manage other competing learning programs.

Responsibilities: Cuemath is responsible for developing, deploying and maintaining, the Cuemath learning system, related training, technology and to manage logistics of printing and dispatching of workbooks and other related logistics to the teachers.

The teacher partners will be responsible for delivering the learning program as per the norms established by Cuemath while maintaining the necessary compliance and performance parameters. This is measured through a Cuemath Compliance Score.

Growing the learning center will be considered a mutual responsibility. Cuemath and the teacher work collaboratively to market to parents.

Mutual Notice of termination: When and who can terminate the agreement between Cuemath and the teacher partner. As per the agreement either Cuemath or the teacher partner may terminate the contract with a 30-day notice.

No transfer or subleasing: The Cuemath classes have to be delivered only by the trained and certified Cuemath teacher partner in her learning centre and no one else.

Code of conduct: Includes the business practices and guiding principles of how a teacher partner must conduct themselves. The list includes among other things :

1 Relationship with the students, parents and peers
2 Availability to complete the responsibility of a teacher partner
3 Compliance and performance commitments as per the agreement
4 Delivery of the learning program

All the terms and conditions are within the acceptable laws and represent sound business practices for any organization operating in the education industry. The details of the terms and conditions will be available in the Cuemath teacher partner agreement that all our prospective teachers are expected to conclude the agreement, prior to initiating their Cuemath learning center.