Matching and Sorting

Matching and Sorting

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Introduction to Matching and Sorting 

Math starts well before the numbers are introduced to kids and that there are diverse ways by which math is being taught to a child. Introducing numbers suddenly to a child may confuse him and make the task harder. However, if math is approached from an easier and interesting angle, it will keep the child engaged and makes math learning easy for them. It’s very important for child to realize, at a very young age, that math is everywhere and it’s very important to grasp it at a very young age. Because, the sooner, the better. 

Understanding matching and sorting

  • Spotting similarity and differences – To develop a keen eye it becomes very important to figure out the similarities and differences in daily objects. The process of differentiation gives child the initial edge over other kids and improves the perception so as to identify and classify things through ‘looking.’ This helps in improving the overall understanding of identifying objects. 
  • It’s a pre-math skill – It’s very crucial for children to learn this skill as this skill later translates into higher math that will help children tackle complex mathematical problems in the future. Since math is very tricky and complex, it’s important to prepare the state and let the children have some pre-understanding of the subject they are going to get involved in the future. 
  • Edge over their peers – Children who have learned to spot the differences and started figuring out ways to stand out from their peers and turn out smarter than their compatriots. This gives children in the Cuemath program an edge over their peers in the sense that they act smarter and superior.      
  • Understanding through real world objects – Matching and sorting through real world objects helps children grow and understand things through a real perspective and develop a keen interest in the subjects since the teaching involves real life objects. Allowing children to develop math concepts via association to real world objects and situation helps them generate a deeper interest in the idea of matching and sorting. 
  • Fun activity – Another important aspect of matching and sorting is that it’s a fun activity for children and they enjoy the activity because it continues like a game.


What does matching and sorting help improve in your child?

  • Matching and sorting mostly helps with grouping, which directly connects with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division which are the four pillars of arithmetic. Since arithmetic covers major part of mathematics, it’s important to help children get a good grasp over arithmetic through pre-math grouping activities.
  • Matching and sorting help children build association skills wherein they start associating similar objects at a fast pace and singling out non-similar objects. The skills improve and develop the ability to spot patterns in given data sets.

The agenda behind helping children learn matching and sorting skills early in their life is to develop a mathematical bent of mind early on, so that when complex concepts are introduced later on, the children are already prepared to jump into the thick of things and perform better than their peers.

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