Comparing and Ordering

Comparing and Ordering

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Introduction to Comparing and Ordering

A child should have a good grasp over understanding the shapes and sizes that come in different varieties. Being able to qualitatively assess and measure is a very important task and it’s a crucial skill that every child must possess. The parameters include shape, size, weight and all these may seem like arbitrary properties when it comes to performing quantitative calculations at an elementary/primary school but what it builds is looking at everyday objects with an analytical bent of mind.

The big idea – What is comparing and ordering?

  1. Telling apart objects through physical attributes – It’s important for children to recognize objects by their shapes and sizes and then tell them apart and this improves their differentiating abilities. Under the exercise, objects usually look closely same however it becomes important to classify them on the basis of shape, size, weight and measure them accurately since that’s going to help in the future math equations. 
  2. Qualitative sorting, comparing and sorting – Before children are bombarded with numbers and quantity, it becomes very important for them to figure out things in the qualitative way i.e., measures the shape, size and weight of the objects. The world is confusing and it becomes very important for children to classify objects on their attributes to strengthen their perception. 
  3. Pre-training phase – When children are introduced to the world of arithmetic and mathematics, it becomes important for them to have a pre training before so that they perform well in the world of numbers and quantities. That’s where comparing and ordering step in. It makes sure that children are well versed in the art of classification and perform well in the days to come.

How is it important?

Benefits and achievements of comparing and ordering – 

  1. It achieves a massive feat by helping children live their daily life in an easier way by easily identifying objects as per their size, shape, weight and matter. In this way, they start relating to it more organically and develop a keen interest in the objects around them.
  2. Comparing and ordering help children build a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject as it allows them to associate more abstract concepts that will follow in higher grades.
  3. Mathematics is governed by logic and reasoning and if children are fed with these two attributes early on then they fast pick up the logical abilities which eventually helps them in higher form of mathematics later on.

Comparing and ordering is one such quality that every child must possess because eventually the future life is also all about comparisons and ordering of stuff. The overall calculations and planning in life depends on the comparing and ordering skills, which, if taught early leads to better decision making.

Children have flexible and shapeable minds and whatever they are fed early on, they pick up real fast and literally, it gets immersed in their minds, which hold them throughout the life. That’s where parents should get serious about immersing the idea of comparing and ordering early on, because – the sooner, the better.

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