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50 GK Questions for Class 2


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1. Introduction
2. Mathematics Gk Questions for Class 2
3. Science Gk Questions for Class 2
4. General Awareness Questions for Class 2
5. Conclusion



General knowledge is as important as any other subject taught in the school. On the contrary, many schools don’t emphasise this subject.

The best mediums to increase their general awareness is a newspaper, books on current affairs, news channels, mobile applications, etc. The more knowledge they acquaint, the merrier it is. So, let us take a quiz on questions based on GK for class 2.

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GK quiz questions for class 2

GK Questions for Class 2: Mathematics

Mathematics is the foundation for many other subjects in higher classes. So, it would act as a bonus point for your child, if his/her basics of mathematics are strong enough from the primary classes themselves.

Here is a list of GK questions with answers in English for class 2 that will help them in their future. Parents can now rest assured that their child gets a chance to gain more awareness with these GK sample questions for class 2. They can think of these GK questions for class 2 with the answers as a warm-up activity that prepares young students for the challenges ahead. 

📥 Gk Questions Class 2



1. A figure with 3 sides is known as a?



2. The smallest two-digit number is?



3. A figure which has no sides and no corners are called?

Circle/ oval


4. When any number is multiplied by 0, the answer is always?



5. A figure with four equal sides is called?



6. Which is the largest three-digit number?



7. One kilogram equals how many grams?

1000 grams


8. What time it will be when the minute hand and hour hand both are at 12?

12 o’clock


9. Which is the largest 2-digit number?



10. Which is the smallest even number? 



11. What is the place value of 9 in 1592?



12. When any number is multiplied by 1, the answer is

The number itself 


13. 5 times 6 equals to



14. There are 5 chocolates in one box. How many chocolates will be there in 4 boxes?



15. 10+20 equals to



GK Questions for Class 2: Science 

Science is a very practical subject, and a child can relate to it in their day to day life. It is fun to learn a subject that plays a pivotal role in your child’s life and learning process.

16. How many teeth does an adult have?

32 teeth


17. How many bones are there in the human body?



18. What does Sheep give us?

Wool/ Milk


19. Paper is obtained from which plant?



20. Which type of plant is a money plant? 



21. Which is the hardest mineral in the world? 



22. Water when freezes, it changes into?



23. Where do Lions live?



24. What do Bees give us?



25. Sun rises in which direction?



26. What is a house made of snow called?



27. Which type of clothes do we wear in the winter season?

Woollen clothes


28. We should always cross the road at the?

Zebra crossing 


29. The red light of the traffic signal tells us to?



30. The green light of the traffic signal tells us to?



GK Questions for Class 2: General Awareness 

Test on general awareness seeks the answer for the parents that how up to date their ward is. A child should have ample knowledge apart from what is there in their curriculum. Only bookish knowledge is not the ultimate key to success.

31. How many states are there in India?

28 states 


32. Who was the first man to step on the moon?

Neil Armstrong


33. What does a caterpillar turn into?



34. Which city is also known as ‘Pink City’?



35. Which city is the capital city of India?

New Delhi


36. Name the largest cat in the world.

Siberian tiger


37. Name the current President of India.

Ram Nath Kovind


38. It is also known as ‘Indian Gooseberry‘; is a rich source of vitamin C?



39. Which is the tallest statue in the world?

Statue of Unity (Sardar Vallabhbhai Statue, India)


40. Who was the first President of independent India?

Rajendra Prasad


41. Which is the smallest state of India?



42. Which city is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh?



43. It is also called 'the ship of the desert'?



44. Name the planet on which we live.



45. How many players are there in a cricket team?

11 players 


46. Geeta Phogat is related to which game?



47. What do we call the doctor of teeth?



48. Which bird lays the largest eggs in the world?

Ostrich (flightless bird)


49. How many planets are there in the solar system?

Eight planets. (Pluto is no more a planet)


50. What is the currency of the USA?




For the holistic development of a child, it is advisable to impart lessons on general skills as well. General knowledge is being tested at all levels, especially when a child appears for competitive exams. So, in order to make GK a subject of their forte, children should keep on taking GK quizzes from the early years of their schooling.

To excel in academics, one should have quality knowledge of the current affairs and happenings taking place around the world. Go through this quiz of GK questions for Class 2 with answers and check out where does your child stand and where does he need to put in more effort.


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