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50 GK Questions for Class 4




GK questions for class 4 might sound strange to some, but they are essential for a child’s development. GK for class 4 is a very important part of a student’s life as it encourages students to acquire general knowledge at a young age.

This article provides a list of 50 GK questions for class 4. The topics of this GK quiz for class 4 range from maths to social science, science, and sports.

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GK Questions for Class 4

Here is a list of GK questions with answers in English for class 4 that will help them in their future. Parents can now rest assured that their child gets a chance to gain more awareness with these GK sample questions for class 4. They can think of these GK questions for class 4 with the answers as a warm-up activity that prepares young students for the challenges ahead. 

📥 Gk Questions Class 4



Maths GK Questions for Class 4

The first GK quiz for class 4 is on Maths, a subject students will be using for the rest of their lives. Basic maths is a great help in developing the cognitive capacity of students and solving these questions will provide them with the confidence to keep doing more.

1. What is a seven-sided polygon known as?



2. What is the measurement of a right angle? 



3. Is 45° an obtuse angle?



4. What is a polygon with all sides of the same length and all angles of equal size called?  

Regular Polygon


5. What is the roman numeral for 17?



6. What is the smallest 4-digit number formed by using the digits 0, 3, 5, 6?



7. What is the predecessor of the smallest 6-digit number? 



8. Which is the smallest single-digit composite number? 



9. Which shapes have four equal sides and equal opposite angles?

Square & Rhombus


10. How many one-sixths make 2?



11. All squares are rectangles. True or False?



12. All rectangles are squares, True or False?



13. How do you write 0.07 as a fraction?



14. If 1 minute = 60seconds, 2 minutes = 120 seconds, 3 minutes = 180 seconds, then how many minutes  is 3 hrs 40 minutes?

220 minutes


15. 2012 is a leap year. True or False?



16. What is the name of a triangle with only two sides equal?

 Isosceles triangle


17. What is the sum of the angles in a triangle? 

180 degrees


18. Find the missing number in the sequence: 1997, 1999,? 2011, 2017, 2027.



19. There are 9 bananas and 8 apples in a basket. You took 4 bananas and 1 apple from it. Now, how many are you left with?



20. There are 4 more roosters than ducks on a farm. The total number of legs of the roosters and ducks is equal to 44. How many roosters and ducks are there? 

10 roosters and 6 ducks


Science & Technology GK Questions for Class 4

Here is a list of GK questions with answers in English for class 4. These will help students get more familiar with the world of science around them.

21. Where is the smallest bone in our body located?

The ear


22. What is the percentage of water in the human body?



23. Which is the largest organ in the human body?    



24. Our heart is a muscle that pumps blood through the whole body. True or False?



25. In which season do you get to see rainbows more often?



26. Which is the strongest muscle in the human body?



27. Which blood cells help our bodies fight infection?

White Blood Cells


28. Which materials do we get from animals to make clothes?

Silk, wool


29. How many muscles are there in the human body?  



30. What is force?

The push or pull on an object which changes its position, shape, or size is called force.


Social Science/General GK Questions for Class 4

Social Science is one of the important subjects for every student.  Here are GK questions for class 4 with the answers.

31. Who was the inventor of television?

J.L Baird


32. What is the process of the release of water vapour by leaves into the air called?



33. What is India surrounded by in the north? 



34. Which is the largest continent? 



35. Which important line passes through the middle of India?

Tropic of Cancer


36. Which large water body is to the west of India?

Arabian Sea


37. Where is Bandipur National Park?

Mysore, Karnataka


38. What is the major source of our food?



39. Which city is known as the Queen of Arabian Sea?



40. On which side of the equator does India lie?



Sports GK Questions for Class 4

While GK for class 4 offers students a chance to widen their knowledge about maths, science, and social science, it is also important for students to develop an interest in sports, especially in their early years. 

41. Which game consists of terms like a bishop, stalemate, castling, etc.?



42. What is the number of players in volleyball?



43. Where is the famous stadium, Eden Garden, located?

Kolkata, West Bengal


44. Pankaj Advani is related to which sport?



45. In cricket, what is the distance between the two sets of wickets(in yards)?  

22 yards


46. Who was the first Indian to win Gold in the Olympics? 

Abhinav Bindra


47. How many times has India hosted the Olympic games?  



48. Caddie is related to which game?



49. Which country has been the host country of the Asian Games several times?



50. Which country started the Olympic Games? In which year?  

Greece (1896)



Developing curiosity and interest to constantly gain knowledge will always prove to be beneficial for students in the long run. With our curated GK sample questions for class 4, students get the chance to explore education beyond their school textbooks. The best part about these questions? They cover a wide range of subjects. 

At Cuemath, our aim is to provide constant learning opportunities for students. With this list of questions, Cuemath aims to convey to parents that learning about the world around them is crucial for students’ development. Every subject has its importance.  After working on them, both students and parents can come to a conclusion about which subject works and which does not.

 Cuemath has gathered information from resources that are up-to-date with the requirements of students nowadays. So, you do not have to worry about what your child is learning with Cuemath. If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, you can comment and let us know.


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