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Maths riddles with answers help children develop interest and aptitude in mathematics. Parents can help their children solve these riddles provided in the article.

Solving and thinking about math riddles

Math riddles can be tricky problems with challenging solutions. These application based questions help your child think out of the box. They will help your kids improve their IQ and academic performance.

Ask your child to solve the maths riddles and puzzles provided in this article, to keep them engaged with academically beneficial activities. 

Riddles with Answers

Here is a PDF that consists of some more fun and tricky math riddles that you will enjoy reading and answering. They can think of these maths riddles with the answers as a warm-up activity that prepares young students for the challenges ahead. Click on the download button to know more.

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10 Challenging Maths Riddles with Answers for Kids

1. A carton contains some apples which were divided into two equal parts and sold to 2 traders Tarun and Tanmay. Tarun had two fruit shops and decided to sell an equal number of apples on both shops A and B respectively. Tanya visited shop A and bought all the apples in the shop for her kids. But one apple was left after dividing all the apples among her children. Each child got one apple, find the minimum number of apples in the carton?

12 Apples

Let the number of children be X
Therefore, the number of apples bought by Tanya = ( X + 1)
The total number of apples in the shop A = ( X + 1)
Total number of apples bought by Trader Tarun =  2( X + 1 )
Total number of apples in the carton = 4( X + 1 )
Now, minimum no of apples in  carton:
We assume:
 X is not equal to 0
 X is not equal to 1 ( Tanya has children not a single child)
 X  equal to 2  (Tanya has a minimum of 2 children)
When X = 2
4( X + 1 )
= 4( 2 + 1 )
= 12
Thus, minimum of 12 apples 


2. A monkey is trying to climb a coconut tree. He takes 3 steps forward and slips back 2 steps downward. Each forward step is 30 cm and each backward step is 40cm. How many steps are required to climb a 100cm tree?

50 steps

Each time the Monkey tries to go up:
Climbs Upward = 3 X 30cm = 90 cm (takes 3 steps)
Slips Downward = 2 X 40cm = 80cm (takes 2 steps)
Total number of steps taken in each forward attempt = 3 steps + 2 steps = 5 steps
Effectively moves 10 cm upwards (90cm - 80cm = 10cm)
100cm/10cm = 10
Therefore, the monkey needs to cover 10 X 5 steps = 50 steps to reach the top


 3. A construction site requires at least 5 laborers to get a job done in 12 days. How many days will it take if 12 laborers are hired for the same job?

5 days

Let X be the amount of work to be done
Let Y be the number of days taken by 12 laborers 
Equation of work done by 5 laborers:
X/5 = 12 days
X = 60
Equation of work done by 12 laborers:
X/12 = Y
60/12 = Y
Y= 5


4. You have a pound of cotton and a pound of iron, which will weigh more?

Same weight

1 pound cotton = 1 pound iron
Pound is a unit of weight.


5. The sum of a daughter and mother's age is 55. The age of the daughter is the mother's age reversed. Find the age of the mother and daughter, if the age of the mother is greater than 40 years.

Mother is 41 and daughter is 14 

Let The first digit of the mother’s age be X
Let The second digit of the mother’s age be Y
Thus the mother's age is XY
Daughters age is YX 
Let us assume X >Y , as mother is always older than daughter
Sum of age is given by equation:
( (10X) + Y) + ( (10Y) + X )  = 55
11X + 11Y = 55
Therefore possible ages can be :
Mother: 32 and Daughter: 23
Mother: 41 and Daughter: 14
As mentioned in the riddle, mother is above 40 years of age so we select the second solution.


6. You have 50 biscuits. How many times can you subtract 5 from 50 biscuits?


Once only because after that it will not be 50 biscuits.
As you subtract 5 biscuits it will be 45 and not 50 anymore. 


7. Get an even number from 7 without adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing any number?

Subtract S



8. It is 9 am now, Rita studies for 2 hours, takes a bath for 1 hour and then has lunch for 1 hour. How many hours are left before 9 am tomorrow?

20 hours

Rita takes 4 hours (2+1+1) to complete studying, bathing and eating her meal.
There are 24 hours between 9am today and 9am tomorrow.
24 hours - 4 hours = 20 hours


9. 8 apples are there, you take 4 away and then you return 1 apple. How many apples do you have?

3 apples

You got 4 apples for yourself and returned 1 apple
Therefore 4 - 1 = 3 apples


10. The speed of a train is 3m/sec and it takes 10 secs to cross a lamp post. What is the length of the train?


The Train covers 3m in 1 sec
Therefore in 10 secs it will cover = 3m X 10 sec = 30 m
In 10 sec, the train of length 30m will cross the lamp post.


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Solve these challenging maths riddles with your child to understand their conceptual clarity. If your child is not performing well in mathematics, you can figure out their shortcomings by analyzing their approach towards solving these riddles. 

Sit with your child while solving math riddles to assess problem-solving ability. Share hints to help them solve most of the riddles correctly and explain each and every answer to make sure your child never repeats similar mistakes while solving problems. 


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