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Why solving IMO Mock Tests is important?

Competitive tests like IMO are challenging in nature and always keep your child challenged and actively allowed them to keep thinking about the different connections Math may have in their practical life, this in turn also induces in them the habit of mathematical thinking, which in today’s fast-growing world is one of the essential life skill to have.

The International Math Olympiad is one of the most prestigious Olympiads in the country. Participating in such Olympiads not only has big rewards but also helps your child find a set career path for themselves. 

The International Math Olympiad helps your child boost your child’s confidence in a competitive environment, competing alongside 100’s of other mathletes from all over the world.

Mock tests can be considered as an extra life in a video game, it lets your child face their exam fears. More than anything the mock tests can be a great way for your child to learn, refine test-taking techniques and consolidate knowledge before the actual exam.

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Here are 5 ways how Cuemath Mock Tests can help your child be on the path to achieving success

  1. These IMO Mock Tests cover the best of questions that are created as per the up-to-date IMO syllabus. They have been created sensibly by studying the pattern of previous years' papers.
  2. Questions present in the Mock Tests have been created by inhouse Cuemath Math experts, so they are indeed effective and important. The Mock Tests improve the chances of your kid entering the second level of the Olympiad exam.
  • They will reduce the number of careless mistakes during the actual test.
  • They will increase the child's confidence level and will help in benchmarking your child's preparation against last year's cut-offs.
  • They will help to overcome anxiety; by that, aspirants can attempt the exam in a calm and focussed manner.
  1. Detailed report giving performance insights.
    After the Mock Test, you receive a detailed report that will help your child understand the key conceptual areas that need improvement. A mistake in a practice environment can uncover flaws in their understanding of concepts which can go a long way in saving marks. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine! The Mock Tests Reports help to provide a detailed analysis of the student's performance, their strength, and weaknesses.

  2. Mock tests help your child improve their knowledge.
    These IMO Mock Tests are a great way for your child to test their knowledge on the subject or a particular concept. It allows them to understand and improve their ability to retain and understand information. In an independent learning technique study, researchers found that children who practiced mock tests before appearing for the final test performed better in their math exams than those who revised without taking any mock exams.

  3. Timed Mock Tests:
    These Mock Tests are a great way to help your child get the much needed, IMO exam-like timed environment to help them be more prepared and aware of the situations they will face when the D-Day finally comes.

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Your child’s revision technique will greatly vary from that of their peers. However, there are changes that your child should keep making in their revision techniques to make sure it’s effective. These mocks will not only help your child strenthen their revision strategies but will also help them managing their time well during the actual exam.

Cuemath Olympiad (CMO) Results 2019

  • Cuemath recently organized its 1st edition of Math Olympiad in November 2019 (Round 1) and January 2020 (Round 2).
  • A nation-wide test to unearth the best math minds, the 2019 Olympiad welcomed over 11850 students to participate in Round 1 and over 4159 students in Round 2.
  • The most-awaited results for the 2019 Cuemath Olympiad have been released on our website!
  • Visit Cuemath Olympians 2019 to check the final results.
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