What is the role of our Live online math tutors in US?

At Cuemath, we firmly believe that every kid can be great at math if they are exposed to the right way of learning math. The math tutors at Cuemath, all trained, certified and highly experienced, are dedicated towards helping every student unlock their true math potential.

Cue students to discover the right answer
Push boundaries of thinking of students
Instantly clarify any doubts that students may have

How do our tutors teach?

Live, online 1:1 whiteboard sessions with the student in each class
Cue the student to find the right answer rather than spoon feeding it
Constantly evaluate learning plans and goals to ensure learning outcomes are achieved

How are our tutors different?

Our math tutors constantly challenge the students to become better at math. The tutors are trained not to give away the answers to the students but rather cue them in the right direction so that they discover the answer by themselves.

The dedicated tutor charts out a learning plan for each student by calibrating their current level and the learning goals.

Our tutors help students achieve their goals by always being available for 1:1 doubt clearing sessions and constantly sharing feedback with the students and parents about their strengths and weaknesses.

Give Your Child A Wholesome Learning Experience of Math With Our Online Tutors:

We, as humans, do not settle for anything less than what we deserve and always chase better opportunities that could have a positive impact on our lives. Similarly, when it comes to your child’s future, you will want to give them an education of the highest quality. As we all know, Math can be an intimidating subject for many young children, hence the Cuemath team is introducing the facility of online tutors across the United States of America.
With the arrival of the internet,everything that we need is only a click away. So why not use this to your child’s advantage? Our live tutors will help students in the US recognise their true potential in Mathematics and give them the appropriate guidance to become proficient in it.
You must be thinking why you should opt for online Math classes for your child when you can hire the best tutors in your locality? There are a bunch of benefits in enrolling your child to our online classes..

Learning Math From The Comfort of One’s Home

In contrast to conventional tutoring facilities, Cuemath will give your child the chance to enjoy being in the comfort of home and gain Math knowledge. Our online Math tutor will schedule classes as per the child’s convenience and they will get all the necessary materials without having to go out of the house.

One-To-One Interaction

At Cuemath, we believe in personalised teaching which is extremely beneficial for a child’s understanding of Math. A live tutor will be dedicated only to cater to your child’s unique Mathematical requirements and will come up with appropriate solutions to help them improve in their skills. In this way, your child will get the proper guidance that they deserve.

Online Classes are Affordable

Since online tutoring can be done at home, it is a cost-effective option and it also has very low rates compared to traditional tutoring classes. Learning materials are easily available online, travelling is not required, in short, it is a much more convenient option for your child in terms of their education beyond school hours.

Learning is Self-Paced

Often, children don’t get the best outcome from traditional tutorial classes as many students are studying together. The tutor cannot pay attention to each child individually, the result of which is reflected in your child’s progress reports. But, a live tutor will allow your child to learn at a comfortable pace which will help him/her to grasp all the lessons thoroughly.

Learning Beyond Classroom

While learning in an online class, children are free to explore the subject beyond whatever is taught in schools. Online tutors don’t restrict them from experimenting. They believe that creativity is very important when it comes to imparting knowledge. If children have the libert to move at their own pace they will develop an interest in the subject. And they won’t feel burdened by it.
At Cuemath, we strongly believe in providing young students with an unconventional Math education that is very rare to find in schools. Although Kumon, a major Math learning program, already exists in the US, we promise to provide students with something which is not followed elsewhere. The way we teach Math is a bit different and unique, where our focus lies in strengthening the conceptual understanding of the topics rather than making them practice questions until they learn how to solve it.
We aim to change their perspective towards the subject and help them overcome its fear. Through our online Math tutors, we want to introduce your child to the fascinating world of Math and make them aware of its multiple benefits in real life.