Equal Sign

Equal Sign

There are three different types of equal signs and other similar expressions. Exactly equal is the one we’re all familiar with, but did you know there is a vertical equal sign, as well an approximately equal symbol. If you didn’t know yet, there is also less than or equal to symbol.
In this chapter, we will introduce you to each of these symbols and show you where they are used. 

Symbol of Equal to Sign

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What Is the Equal Sign?

The Equal sign is a sign of 'Equality'.

The definition says that it is a mathematical symbol that is used to show equality in a distinct sense. So mathematically speaking, whenever we try to show equality between two expressions, we tend to "equate" the two items. Hence, the equal sign is the sign that helps us to mathematically show equality between two symbols.

What Is the Symbol of Equal to Sign

The symbol used to show the equal to sign is \(=\) (two parallel horizontal lines).

This symbol is only used when the two quantities to be compared are exactly the same. There are different symbols for each comparison aspect.

Click on the comparison aspects given here to know the symbols that are used.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly used comparison terms and their meanings:

Comparison Meaning
Equal to  Exactly the same
Not equal to Not exactly the same
Approximation Almost the same
Congruent Exactly the same appearance (shapes)
Similarity Same shapes, not exactly the same
Greater than equal to Greater than OR equal to

Use of Equal to Sign in an Equation

The symbol of equal to is used to show the exact same amount of any two different quantities.

Use of Equal to Sign in an Equation

For example, if we know that the price of 1 kg of meat is exactly 100 rupees, we can say that

Price of 1 kg of meat \(=Rs\;100\)

Keep in mind here that only exact values are to be given when using the equal to sign.

important notes to remember
Important Notes
  1. Equal to sign is a mathematical symbol that is used to show equality in a distinct sense.
  2. The symbol used to show the Equal to Sign is "\(=\)"
  3. There are different symbols for each comparison aspect. The equal sign is just one of them.

Solved Examples

Example 1



Which of the following is the symbol used for showing that two quantities are exactly equal?

a) \(\approx \)

b) \(=\)

c) \(<\)

d) \(>\)


We know that two parallel horizontal lines show that the quantities are exactly the same.

\(\therefore\) The symbol is \(=\)
Example 2



Mathematically speaking, if we say that the total worth of 3 oranges is exactly the same as that of 2 apples, then what mathematical operation should we use?

a) Approximate symbol

b) Similar symbol

c) Equal to symbol

d) Congruent symbol


We know that when the two quantities to be compared are exactly the same, we will use the equal to symbol.

\(\therefore\) We will use equal to symbol.
Example 3



If the price of a house is nearly Rs 300,000 can you represent it mathematically?

Solved Examples on Equal to Sign | Real Life Solved Examples


We know that nearly does not mean exactly equal.

Hence, we will use the approximately equal sign \(\approx\).

So we can say mathematically that the price of the house is \(\approx\) Rs 300,000.

\(\therefore\) The price of the house is \(\approx\) Rs 300,000
Example 4



If the radii of two different circles are exactly the same, can we say that the two circles are equal?


We know that in terms of shapes, we cannot use equal to sign.

Hence, we cannot say that circles are equal.

We use congruency for shapes and geometry-related equalities.

So, we can say that the circles are congruent.

\(\therefore\) The circles are not equal; they are congruent.
Example 5



Emma and Emily are identical twin sisters. So, both of them have the same appearances.

Solved Examples on Equal to Sign | Real Life Solved Examples

Now, Emma is comparing herself to Emily while she says "We both are equal."

Is she correct to use the word "equal" for their appearances?


We know that equality can be used while comparing. But, having similar appearances doesn't make them equal.

For appearances, we use the word "similar."

\(\therefore\) They are "similar."
Challenge your math skills
Challenging Questions

If the price of 4 watermelons is exactly the same as the price of 5 apples, can we say that:

Price of 8 watermelons \(=\) Price of 10 apples?

If yes, how can you say so? Give a thought to the different properties you might use while trying to prove so.

Interactive Questions

Here are a few activities for you to practice.

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Let's Summarize

We hope you enjoyed learning about Equal Sign with the simulations and practice questions. Now you will be able to easily solve problems on equal sign meaning, vertical equal sign, approximately equal symbol word, and less than or equal to sign.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an equal sign called?

The equal sign is called \(=\)

2. How to type an equal sign?

To type an equal sign on the keyboard, press "Shift" + "+" on your keyboard.

3. What is the approximate symbol called?

The approximate symbol is called \(\approx \).

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