Back to School: 15 Things to do Before School Starts

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June 2, 2020

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Finally, it is that time of the year when the schools are reopening and your kids are supposed to go back to school. Some kids feel excited, while others feel sad that the holiday phase is over. These mixed emotions only stick around for a little while. 

After a long time, the kid meets all the friends and teachers. Generally, the first day remains a bit light with introductions and discussions about the holidays, etc. This is just to set a good environment and to understand what a child did during his/her holidays. Teachers generally revisit and lay down all the classroom rules so students know what's allowed and what's not. Getting back to school is also a new opportunity for kids to make new friends. 

It is very important for a student to have a good start when he gets back to school. If students have a bad start, it will affect them for quite a long time. It will disturb their sleep patterns, eating habits, concentration, and their studies. Therefore, it is very important to create a positive environment around students when they get back to school after a long gap. 


15 Things to do before school starts

There are plenty of things to do before school starts which helps a student prepare himself/herself before the school reopens. This will remind them that school is a place of learning and having fun. Following is a list of 15 things that must be done to help the child get prepared to go back to school:-


Tips for students:-

  1. Choose and keep your clothes in one place the night before

 No one wants to be late on the first day of their school after a long holiday break. Therefore, it is always advised to be prepared. Take out every single item of clothing and organize it in one place. Make sure that it is washed and ironed. 


  1. Keep your shoes polished 

It is seen that many students waste a lot of time in the morning to organize their footwear. To avoid this, we advise every kid to keep their footwear ready, along with their clothes. This will prevent last-minute troubles.


  1. Complete your Homework

There are many tasks given to students to perform during the breaks. Ensure that you have done all your assignments and tasks before the school reopens. This will help you stay positive from the first day itself. It will also prevent last day stress and work overload. Mathematics is a subject where if you skip your regular practice for a long time, you might face difficulties. Therefore, it is very important for all the students to at least take out 1 hour of the day and complete your maths homework on a regular basis.


  1. Keep your bags ready 

Make sure that you fill it with your homework, supplies, and permission slips, etc. It is often seen that students miss out on things when they are in a hurry. Therefore, it is advised not to pack the bags in the morning. Rather keep it ready from before.


  1. Wake up early 

This is one of the best habits which will also help kids in the long run. It is always good to wake up a few minutes early and get ready. Having a few extra minutes can ease stress levels for everyone.


  1. Simple Breakfast

 Have a simple and light breakfast. It should be a healthy and quick option packed with protein. Don't do your breakfast in a hurry. Eat fresh, take time, and chew it properly.


  1. Attend the school orientation

This is a very important session that takes place in every school. This allows the teaching staff to make your child aware of the rules and regulations of the place. It also helps them to give a proper schedule and a routine to your child. This enables them to be prepared for what happens in the school.


  1. Refill your resources

Make sure that you have an assignment copy for each subject and you have all the resources that are required to study and learn. If not, it is advised to refill your stationery a day before getting back to school. This will help you in preparing and managing the reopening of schools. Mathematics requires some additional resources too, like scale, geometry box, pencil, eraser, graph paper, etc. Make sure to refill these additional resources too.


  1. Do research 

During the break it is advised to undergo research on whatever was taught before the break. This will help the child to be prepared for getting back to school.


  1. Be excited

 In the end, it is advised to be excited about the reopening of the school. This will be a whole new phase of your academic curriculum. Your journey will never be successful if you're not excited about it.


Tips for teachers:-

  1. Positive environment 

It is very important for the school authorities to create a positive environment for the children. This will ensure a peaceful and focused study. Make them comfortable to ask questions and address their queries. This will keep them motivated to attend school.


  1. Revise 

Students are back to school after a long break. They may tend to forget things that were taught to them before the break. Therefore it is advised to recall the lessons previously taught before carrying the lessons forward. Maths teachers are especially advised to go through the topics and make the kids practice at least 2 sums of the previous topics before moving ahead because the topics of mathematics are related to each other. This will help a child understand things in a better way.


  1. Monitor the child's performance

It is very important to monitor the performance of the child after they come back to school. All the teachers are suggested to check their assignments and project works. Feedbacks must be given for the same. This will help the child to learn and prevent mistakes in the future. Homework given in maths must be checked through all the steps to ensure that the student hasn’t copied it from some additional sources.


  1. Have a small start 

Don't overload students on the very first day when they come back to school. This will make them lose their motivation. It is suggested to keep the first day easy with only a few assignments to build the confidence of the child. It is a very important step to have a small start especially for difficult subjects like maths. Teachers must revisit different topics and must go slow so that a student understands each and every concept to prevent later issues.


  1. Be patient

A research shows that it takes at least a week for a child to get back to the normal routine. They have gathered plenty of experiences during the break. They are excited to share that. Therefore, teachers must be patient with the child for at least a week. Since mathematics is a concept-driven subject, it is imperative for teachers to remain patient with kids and give them sufficient time to recall the concepts taught.


Cuemath comes up with regular articles that help your child to grow as a person. It not only develops their academic skills but also helps them to develop their personalities. Our focus is on the overall development of the child and not just academic knowledge. We hope that this small article helps our readers to be prepared when they get back to school. This article should help them understand the things they should do before school starts. Our articles are a guide to everyone who reads it, be it parents, teachers, or students. Through our online platform and mobile-based applications, we aim towards making the careers of our students bright. Contact us and stay updated with our articles and help your child learn, grow, and progress.

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