g to kg Formula

Kilogram(kg) and gram(g) are the units for the measurement of the mass of any object or body. The kilogram is the base unit of mass in the International System(SI) of Units. g to kg formula helps in conversion of unit of mass given in gram to the kilogram. There are 1000 g contained in 1 kg, i.e.,

1 kg = 1000 g


What is the g to kg Formula?

The conversion formula for g to kg conversion is given as:

\( \text{Mass in kg} = \frac{\text{mass in g}}{1000}\)

Solved Examples Using g to kg Formula

Example 1: 

Using g to kg formula, convert 2540 g to kg.


To find: 2540 g in kg

Using g to kg formula,

\( \text{Mass in kg} = \frac{\text{mass in g}}{1000}\)

2500 g = 2500/1000

= 2.54 kg

Answer:  2540 g to 2.54 kg


Example 2: 

James bought 3500 g of sugar, priced at  $3/kg, from a grocery store. Find the cost of sugar James purchased. 


To find: Cost of sugar purchased


Price of sugar = $3/kg

Using g to kg Formula,

3500 g = 3500/1000 kg

= 3.5 kg

Cost of sugar = $ 3.5 × 3  = $10.5                                                                                                                                                                            

Answer:  Cost of sugar = $10.5