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Give your child an exclusive

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Give your child an exclusive math home tutor experience with Cuemath

90% Cuemath students fall in the high score band in school exams
94% of students trained by Cuemath tutors fell in love with Math
Cuemanth home tutored students have shown a 2x increase in logical reasoning skills
Cuemath home tutors help students improve speed and accuracy

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How will a Cuemath home tutor help your child?

Cuemath home tutors are trained to prepare children to find creative solutions to different math problems using their logical reasoning skills and abilities. Within 6 months of attending Cuemath home tutor classes led by our math experts:

94% of Cuemath students fell in love with math
4 out of 5 Cuemath students scored better in school exams
3 out of 4 Cuemath students bagged the top ranks in the International Math Olympiad

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Home Tutor Near You, for personalized math learning of your child

Cuemath home tutors are trained professionals who encourage your child to find creative solutions to different math problems by enhancing your child's logical reasoning skills and abilities. While regular home tuition and home tutors focus primarily on the school syllabus (or syllabi) and preparing students for exams, our Cuemath home tutors work on the long-term development of a child's mathematical ability through a holistic approach.
Our Cuemath home tutors do not set any arbitrary timetables. Each topic is self-paced and covered in-depth to ensure clear learning outcomes for your child. At Cuemath, we have banished the traditional blackboard teaching approach. Instead, our math tutors encourage children to learn math by reasoning and practice. They use puzzles, tab-based activities and stories with math clues to ensure your child learns to approach math as the language of everyday thinking.

Cuemath Home Tutors vs. Regular Home Tutors:

Cuemath Home Tutors teach kids in a 6:1 ratio which ensures each of our students get the personalized attention they deserve from our certified math experts. In general home tuition, a teacher has to essentially broadcast which often results in children mugging up the formulae rather than understanding the concept behind it. Also unlike other home tutors, our math tutors don’t give away the answers, because we believe students truly learn when they reason things out for themselves. The same concept is approached in different ways as in the real world, there could be multiple correct answers.
Unlike regular home tuitions which frown upon the mistakes made by your child, Cuemath home tutors encourage mistakes and help your child learn through them. Your child, therefore, learns to build their own mental models and algorithms which leads to an increase in their confidence levels and facilitates faster learning.

How to find the best home tutor:

To find the best math tutors nearby, you don’t need to look any further. We are here to connect you to the best home tutors located near you and that too at a reasonable tuition fee.
With the click of a button you can schedule a free session with some of the best home math tutors in your locality or even an online session. Our math experts are located all over India with the right mix of impressive credentials, educational backgrounds and the desire to change the way children learn math.

Cuemath Home Tutor covers all Indian and International school boards for KG-10th class

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring a Cuemath tutor?
Cuemath home tutors are highly qualified and trained professionals who know how to prepare children for self-learning. They focus on building a strong math foundation and a problem-solving mindset to set them on the path to success for their entire life.
How do Cuemath home tutors improve their students’ confidence?
Cuemath home tutors cater to the individual needs and the learning curve of each student. Children are given personal attention and customized feedback to enhance their learning potential. Our tutors motivate students, make sure they understand the subject concepts in-depth and resolve doubts instantly; hence raising their confidence.
How is Cuemath home tutor service provided for KG to the 10th?
The Cuemath home tutor service for KG to 10th class is divided into two sections. The program for KG to 6th grade mimics a general tuition class wherein, a Cuemath math tutor teaches in batches of 6 students. This form of teaching ensures that each child receives due attention from the tutor. The second part of the program caters to kids in 7th to 10th grade and is completely online. The online form of teaching involves dedicated practice, a customized learning plan and instant doubt clearing sessions with your child’s Cuemath math expert.
What is the class duration and course fee of a Cuemath home tutor?
Both the online and offline Cuemath home tutors conduct a session of 1-hour each. The course fee depends on the locality, child’s grade and tenure of enrolment. Usually, the fee for students in grades KG-6th starts from Rs.150/day whereas the fees for students in 7th to 8th grade starts from Rs.175/day and the fees for students in 9th-10th grade starts from as low as Rs.190/day.
How to find and select a good Cuemath home tutor?
The process of finding a good Cuemath home tutor is simple. All you need to do is click on the signup button on the website, and fill in a simple form. After the form is filled, you will be taken to a page where you can choose a Cuemath home tutor, for a FREE demo class. If you’re happy with the demo class, you can choose your payment tenure and enroll your child with the Cuemath home tutor. If however, your child is in 7th-10th grade, you can schedule a call with the Cuemath Academic Counsellor who will walk you through how the online class works, followed by an online class scheduled for you and your child to get a hands-on experience about the program.

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