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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cuemath?
Cuemath is an after school math program designed for students in KG to 6th grade, and 7th to 10th grade. The Cuemath curriculum mostly concentrates on the fundamentals of the subject, which is why the program has been divided into school math where it follows the curriculum of school boards covering all the concepts, mental aptitude which is a time-based tab activity and creative reasoning which includes puzzle cards making math learning more fun. Cuemath also has private tuition spread across the top metropolitan cities such as Bangalore,Chennai,Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune etc
How is the Cuemath private tuition for KG to 10th class structured?
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Testimonials from Private Tutors

As someone who loves Math, I was looking for a job that will give me enough scope to interact with my students. After enrolling as one of Cuemath’s private tutors, I consider myself fortunate as it has been a satisfying experience for me. My students have improved a lot and it is reflected in the great marks that they now score in Math exams.
Cuemath Private Tutor
My students absolutely love the ‘learning by doing’ philosophy of Cuemath and they show the enthusiasm to learn more about Math. They interact with each other and look forward to learning something new every day.
Cuemath Private Tutor
I am very grateful to the Cuemath program for giving me a chance to help students become proficient at Math and develop their mental skills. My students love the puzzles, card games and activities that are arranged for them. In this way, they realise their true potential and gain the confidence to excel in Math exams.
Cuemath Private Tutor

Cuemath Private Tuition Near You, That Will Enhance Your Child’s Math Abilities :

At Cuemath, our collective aim is to provide the best Math-learning experience to our students and we ensure that each of them receives individual attention. For our private tuitions, we don’t follow conventional methods of teaching, rather our private tutors are skilled in making the subject interesting with different activities and games. Unlike other tutors, our expert tutors motivate students to find out the logic behind each concept and emphasize on the ‘Why’ more than ‘What’.
The Cuemath model is structured in a way which enables students to recognise their true Mathematical potential and improves their academic performance. The program consists of unique and unconventional tools such as tab-based exercises, worksheets, and Mathbox which not only attract their attention but also gets them completely absorbed in the learning process. The Cuemath private tutors help your child to learn the basics and develop the required skills to shine in any Math exam.
Our private tutors don’t follow any stipulated schedule. Instead, they always let their students progress with the lessons at their own pace and give them ample time to grasp each topic. At Cuemath, our focus lies in their overall character development and we ensure that they grow up into free-thinking and liberal individuals.
In contrast to the regular private tuitions where not much effort is actually put in rectifying the weak points of students, our private tutors take extra care to help them overcome their shortcomings.

Cuemath Private Tuition Covers all Indian and International School Boards from KG to Class 10:

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Cuemath Private Tuition Classes Are Available For Students In:

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