Distributive Property Worksheets

Students learn the various properties involved in multiplying an equation such as commutative, associative, and distributive property. The distributive property worksheets help in building a solid foundation in understanding the distributive property, i.e., splitting the numbers in the equation. Initially, it might be tough but with practice through these worksheets, students can understand the topic better.

Benefits of Distributive Property Worksheets

The main benefit of distributive property worksheets is that students learn to solve a diverse set of questions like word problems, use of a variable, simple equation format, etc. The structure of these worksheets ensures that a student also has fun while solving problems. These math worksheets come with a detailed answer key that provides a step-by-step solution for every problem that, in turn, helps students learn clearly and understand the concept better.

Download Distributive Property Worksheet PDFs

Students can practice problems by downloading the distributive property worksheets in PDF format for free.

Distributive Property Worksheet - 1

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Distributive Property Worksheet - 2

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Distributive Property Worksheet - 3

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Distributive Property Worksheet - 4

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